My wife is very self-centered

Please post this anonymously for me so I can get opinions from other people. I feel like my wife is being very self-centered and it’s taking a toll on our marriage.

We have been married for about 9 years and it’s been a relatively smooth ride. There haven’t been any issues between us. She has been working all through but her job wasn’t paying that much. About five months ago she got a new job with much better pay and she now earns more than I do.

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I’ve noticed a change in her demeanor since she started working this new job. It seems as though money has gone to her head. She doesn’t want us to talk about any financial issues like husband and wife. We’ve split the household bills and she just does hers as usual. No extras. Whenever there’s an emergency and she foots the bill, she acts as though she loaned me the money and I have to pay her back. Even when we’re going to church and the car happens to be unfueled and she pays for it, I’ll have to pay it back.

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I feel really misused as a loving husband and father. We have two children. She also doesn’t make an effort to have a relationship with my family. She neither visits my mother nor talks to my siblings. It becomes a big problem when I bring it up. All this feels like I’m just working to pay the bills and she doesn’t care about my feelings. Isn’t this some form of abuse surely? I’m thinking of walking out. Please help.

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