Sex positions for getting pregnant: THE BEST SEX POSITION FOR CONCEPTION

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Sex positions for getting pregnant

Sex positions for getting pregnant. The Best & Ideal Sex Position for Conception

Sometimes the best chances of getting pregnant does not only rely on the woman’s fertility, sometimes it matters on the position you and your partner is observing while making love. Read on below to find out about sex positions for getting pregnant and how you can possibly have the chance to get pregnant by observing sex positions that are fun and exciting.

Almost all sex positions are great in trying to conceive a baby, so long as ejaculation is engaged and penetrated deep within a woman’s sex organ. If you’re trying to conceive, it’s important for you and your partner to enjoy and have sex every other day, most especially during ovulation period while keeping in mind that all possible sex position s you will enjoy can make all the magic and possibilities of conceiving a baby happen. So, spice up your sexual appetite by trying some of the suggested best and ideal sex position for conception below:

The Cat Position

This certain sex position was coined by sex expert and researcher Edward Eichel during the late ‘80s. While most people believe that the man-on-top or missionary position is an ideal sex position for a surefire conception, there are also who claim that there are no such scientific proof to prove this. So, it’s about time to switch it up with a position that has a twist and guarantee conception. Why not try the CAT position that stands for Coital Alignment Technique. This is the variation of the missionary style. If you and your partner are very experimental in making sex, then you have probably been doing this but just didn’t notice it was a new and different move. For the love of the art of making sex, allow us to guide you on how it is executed.

The Move: You and your partner must be in a missionary position or the man-on-top position. The woman must shift the man’s weight onto her body going towards her shoulder while slowly aligning her pelvis with his pelvis. Now with the woman’s leg bent, she must thrust her hips towards him as he also thrust towards her simultaneously rotating the hips in grinding motion to stimulate the orgasm that’s as good as the cowgirl style wherein the woman go straddling on top of the man.

The Scissor Position

When you and your partner are planning for conception you both must be adventurous enough with regards to your sexpositions. In spicing things up with your creative placements of your legs during sex to allow deeper penetration, you don’t need to be flexible. You just have to be experimental enough in trying sex positions that are suggested to boost up the chances of conception such as the scissor position.

The Move: In executing this position, woman should be lying on her side with one leg raised up in the air. Let the partner lie also on his side facing you while gently sliding his legs right in between hers. Push the hips into each other while pulling your upper bodies away from the other holding and locking your hands and surrendering everything to the intensity of the experience.

Doggy Style Position with A Lift

This certain love making position is best and ideal for woman with tipped or a tiled uterus as rear-entry sex is the best for conception. Assuming this pleasure-seeking position will lead him to go far in hitting all the right zones. Check out how it is done to heighten your chances of getting pregnant still on sex positions for getting pregnant.

The Move:  The woman should lie on her belly while slowly and gently arching her lower back while lifting her bottom as high as she can. Surprise your man by hooking one of your legs around him.

The Interlock Position

If you want to get pregnant and at the same time enjoy the essence and adventure of lovemaking, you can try this interlock position with your partner. This is a spin in the seated missionary position. A back-bending move or position for couples who wants to defy gravity in the quest of discovering the A-spot, a highly erogenous area between the cervix and the G-spot.

The Move: Begin with the seated missionary position, with the man sitting on bended-knee and his arms behind him while gently lifting his hips. The woman must do the same resting her legs on the man’s shoulders. From there, they should turnthemselves on by enjoying the sensation of this intense moment.

Legs on Shoulders Position

This is not advisable for couples who are not strong enough to hold their body long enough to get the rise. Yet, don’t fret as you can still achieve sensual heights of lovemaking with your desire of baby-making with your feet high up in the air.

The Move: The woman must lie on the edge of the bed with the man standing in front of her. Enjoy this position for possible conception in a more laid-back while putting the woman’s legs up on the man’s shoulders.

Reverse Cowgirl Position

This is the position wherein the woman will take the most control by riding on him the right way and movements.

The Move: While the woman is straddling on the man, she then takes turn to pivot around. For a deeper penetration, woman can squat while rotating her hips and moving her pelvis area up and down. For an added sensation and action, she can swivel her body around in a full 360 degree movement.

The Side Position

If you know how to use that embrace to your emotional as well as sexual advantage, it can be the best way to conceive a baby. Turn your cuddle time in bed into a sensational moaning- great time.

The Move: With the man spooning the woman from behind, woman should sturdily lay on her side giving way of her back to the man’s front. Let your man enter you from behind. For added action, look into each other’s eyes by twisting around the woman’s upper body while pushing your hips into one another and simultaneously pulling your upper bodies away from each other while fix in this position.

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