Sex Therapy: How it can help You Improve your Relationship

Currently, 95% of sexual dysfunctions are of psychological origin, due to anxiety problems, depression or self-esteem. Drugs can help in certain cases, but for the vast majority, it is a superficial remedy that will not solve the origin of the problem. Performance concerns, bad experiences, or poor learning cannot be overcomed with medication.

What is sex therapy?

The  sex therapy is a therapy in which the focus is aimed at improving sexual performance. It can be applied both to patients with or without a partner. In sexual therapy three fundamental aspects are worked on:

1. The thoughts and ideas that contribute to a distorted view of sexual functioning.

2. The emotions that are activated around the sexual response and disrupt performance.

3. The behavior, sexuality relearning in a progressive and positive way.

When is it advisable to go to a sex therapy?

There are many occasions in which people do not realize that we are facing a problem. In many cases we could recommend going to a sexual therapy when sex as a couple or with lovers ends up being a problem for the person.

In this way, when the quality of life of an individual is affected by sexual desire or by intimate problems that make these relationships impossible, we can affirm that it is a clear signal to go to a sexologist psychologist. Most of the problems can be classified into the following:

1. Mismatched libidos (one partner wants sex all the time, the other rarely wants it)

2. Sexual boredom (one or both partners are bored with their sexual relationship)

3. A desire to change the paradigm (for example, discussions about polyamory or opening the relationship to other partners)

4. Low libido (one or both partners are not interested in sexual activity)

5. Coping with infidelity

Problems Treated in sex therapy

A sexuality therapy is recommended in a wide variety of settings such as:

1. Sexual trauma

There are many causes where certain sexual relationships have caused trauma to the person. Among the best known, sexual assaults can be the main problem posed by a trauma for the individual. Although it seems at first that this situation has already been overcomed, if deficiencies in sexuality are experienced, it may still be present.

2. Boredom

One of the most common problems in relationships is boredom during sex. When sex with your lover becomes a routine, most experience a lack of sexual desire. In these cases, it is essential to consult with a sex therapist to see how to improve our intimate life with our partner.

3. Compulsive sexual behavior

Some people experience anxiety and shame in their first relationships. Individuals with compulsive sexual behavior have a problem with the frequency and intensity with which they experience sex. For this reason, hypersexuality is a pathology that must be treated in sex therapy.  

4. Problems between the couple

When there are certain problems between the couple, such as having suffered an infidelity or one bad communication during sex, a sex therapist can be the solution when it interferes with sex.

5. Personal difficulties

Many patients experience problems in sexuality due to their lack of self-esteem, their low security or due to a bad personal experience. In this way, sex therapists can improve sex by fixing these little personal bumps.

How can sex therapy help my relationship?

Sex therapy can help you in different ways like

1. Improved emotional and sexual communication.

2. Improve sensuality and sexuality through sexual exercises that can help eliminate sexual boredom.

3. Improve understanding of one’s sexual needs , desires, and desires

4. Improve fantasy exploration (a neutral third party could make it easier for a person to reveal their sexual fantasies)

Sexuality is very important not only for the smooth functioning of relationships but also, it plays a vital role for your self-esteem and self – perception. Therefore, taking care of yourself also includes keeping in mind your sexual side.  

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