Signs He doesn’t Respect You

Bayo Ajibola
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Signs He doesn’t Respect You. One of the main building blocks in a relationship is respect. Where there is respect then you can be assured that a relationship is healthy. Respect is also a two way street, it is given and taken. Respect is also not about status, it has to be earned. Two people who respect each other not only trust each other but are also supportive of each other and appreciate each other’s personal space and independence. This means that there is freedom to be yourself and even talk freely and honestly but at the same time boundaries are noted.


The first rule of respect is self respect. You cannot have victory in public if you do not have it in private. You must respect yourself first before you can respect another person. Respect is not limited to actions. You must also show respect with your words. Watch your words and weight them. Do not belittle your partner. Lack of respect is an invitation to emotional abuse. Watch how you speak to your loved one when you are in public.


Respect is all about three things. Awareness, Balance and Choice. You need to be aware that you ought to be respected. Balance involves mutual respect for the relationship and for each other and finally you should make choices that ensure that you are respectful of yourself, relationship and to other people.


Importance of Respect in a Relationship


Many women usually consider love to be the most fundamental thing in a relationship but actually, respect counts as much. The lack of respect in a relationship means that love is absent. Respect is what causes a man to give you space, support and assurance. When a man respects you, it means that you are important to him. For most men, bedroom pleasantries sum up to a love equation but actually sex is a very tiny part of love. Real love exists even when you have your clothes on.

Respect means that your wishes and thoughts on any subject will be held in high esteem and will be consider whenever a decision is being made. You will always be consulted whether the issue is big or small.


Signs that He doesn’t Respect You

  1. He always has an opinion and these opinions are meant to lower your self esteem. He makes you feel like you are not good enough. You will never look good enough, you will never cook good enough. Question is, why is he stuck on what is not “ good enough? ‘’ he has a problem.
  2. You tell him not to touch you but he still does. He even demands sex when you do not want to. A man must respect your body.
  3. He acts like he was better off single and does not even honor your relationship in that his friends know the personal issues between the two of you.
  4. Your personal belongings mean nothing. He will toss your clothes and bags so that he gets whatever he is looking for. He will eat what is in the fridge and never care to stock up.
  5. He never listens to you. He would rather spend hours in front of the television. You never get his full attention.
  6. He ignores you in a group and would rather talk to his friends instead of talking to you.
  7. He bashes you on social media. When the two of you have an argument, he will post a status suggesting the same.
  8. He flirts with other women.
  9. He cancels on dates and at times he does so without warning. When he does, it is during the last minute.
  10. Your phone calls are ignored and never returned. Your texts are never seen ohe always forgets to reply.


The signs above are a clear sign that he has one foot outside the door.

Can Respect be Restored

Lack of respect can result in feelings of contempt and numbness. Do not go missing from the picture. There are steps that can be taken to regain what is your right.

First and foremost make a choice that you want to regain respect. The choice is yours, are you just going to react or are you going to put your foot down and act. Do not get angrier because you might just go to a dark place that you cannot come back from.


Secondly, you should open up your heart and mind. Before facing him, face yourself and ensure that you are calm. Avoid any negativity. You need to be the bigger person. Rise above his belittling remarks and he will be in for a rude shock. Next thing you should do is listen to them with just the right amount of curiosity. Look them in the eye, maintain your composure. You are doing this so that you can call to mind the things you appreciated in this person. You will now begin to recapture respect and restore harmony to your world. It takes a lot of energy to be disrespectful. Do not go to that dark place.


As a woman, you are told to submit. You should not submit to a man who does not respect you. Submission should not be used as an excuse to disrespect your partner. If a man respects a woman, he will automatically bring out submission in her. She will not even know that she is submitting because it will flow so easily. Respecting a woman does not make you weak. Yes, respecting a woman does not make you less of a man it only makes you a gentleman that she can look up to.

Disrespect could open the door to many negative things. As a woman please do not condone any form of disrespect especially if it turns to abuse be it emotional, verbal or physical. Separate yourself from such a man because he will end up injuring or even worse, killing you. Two people can argue or not see eye to eye on a certain matter but they will still agree to disagree in a respectful manner. Let him put a little respect on it, the relationship that is.

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