Signs that your Husband feels Neglected after Childbirth

Bayo Ajibola
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Signs that your Husband feels Neglected: The birth of a child signifies the beginning of some lifestyle adjustments to accommodate the new family member. In most cases, couples devote all their time and effort attending to the child that they forget about their partners. This is a major concern even for stable relationship and men are the most affected. Not only do they barely get any attention but they have to learn how to be content with the little that comes their way. This drives men into solitude, making them seek new hobbies while their wives are busy with the newborn.

Husbands struggle with striking a balance between being supportive and needy when seeking attention from their wives. They may develop resentment towards the child as they learn how to deal with the lack of attention. At times they may be silent but their actions speak volumes.There are several indicators that your husband is feeling neglected. Here are top 5:

  1. Your husband develops new friends and interests that keep him away from home. At first, the excuse might be he is giving you and the newborn some quiet time alone, but in the real sense, he is escaping from neglect at home. In doing so, he has to find reasons to be out late or away from home. Some may put in extra hours at work even on weekends since there is pretty much nothing taking up his time.
  2. He becomes, moody, irritable and sometimes complains about being neglected. These are habits that attention seekers exhibit. If this is something new from your husband, giving him the attention he deserves will bring him back to his normal self in no time.
  3. He spends time at home doing his own things on TV, phone or computer and is disinterested in being around you and the baby. He will go to bed earlier than usual and be fast asleep before you can join him. He can be physically present but preoccupied with other thoughts besides you and the baby.
  4. He becomes withdrawn and nothing about you seems to interest him lately. Men are visual creatures and will notice a lot of things about their women especially physically. If your husband no longer notices your new hairstyle or the new dress, he is probably dealing with his own neglect but working hard to conceal it.
  5. He is sexually frustrated and may result in masturbation as consolation. Although this may be temporary, it can always create more problems especially when it becomes an addiction. As a couple, you can consult your doctor for advice on how soon normal sex life can begin.


Everyone needs a little attention and pampering from their spouses. Despite the lifestyle changes that occur, creating time for each other keeps the sparkle alive. Childbirth should not stop couples from enjoying each other’s company. Instead, it should bring them much closer affirming their strong bond. It is possible to attend to your child and still have time for your husband. Make time for him too and he will feel appreciated even with a newborn baby around.

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