Signs of a Toxic Friendship

Have you ever felt that a friend seems like a rival of yours? Do you feel that even though they show joy for your successes that joy is not real and they are actually jealous; whereas when you fail at something, even though he apparently supports you, he seems to enjoy your failure? In these cases, you may be in a toxic friendship. 

Signs of a Toxic Friendship

1. They constantly put you down

When a person hurts you through their actions or words this is a sign of a toxic friend and it is very important for you to act as soon as possible. 

2. Compete with you

The toxic friends often compete with you in many things that you do. Whether it’s your profession, a romantic partner, or whatever skill you want to share with others, these people will try to make themselves look better than you. 

3. They copy your attitude

When the competition goes one step further, a toxic friend can start to imitate you. This is usually very difficult to deal with. 

4. They cross your limit

One of the signs of toxic friendship is that they tend to cross your limits, that is, they do incredibly inappropriate things. In this case, they won’t listen to you even though you tell them you don’t like it. On the contrary, if you confess that something is bothering you, they may make it worse. 

5. You feel that there is something that is not going well

Even though you believe in their friendship, there are discomforts every time you meet this person. In fact, you feel that something is not right in your relationship, even though it seems that everything is correct. This can be a sign that a friendship is toxic.

Reasons why You may Still be in a Toxic Relationship 

1. Low self-esteem

If you are an insecure person, you do not trust yourself and you feel unimportant to others, you will think that this is the friendship can work. Surely you will be governed by the phrase of “who loves you will make you suffer” and therefore, you will not try to get away from your toxic friends because you think that is the most you can achieve.

2. Emotional dependence 

Perhaps you are one of those people who find it difficult to let go of those who hurt you. You think that if you go around getting away from friends in the end you will be left alone and that it is good to have many “friends”, so you do not notice the quality of these relationships.

3. Lack of support or social network

Perhaps you have few friends and you cannot afford to be without your friends. At least you have someone to meet and have a good time (apparently) since they usually generate a bittersweet feeling

4. Lacks in childhood

If you have suffered abuse (physical or psychological) in your childhood or simply your parents were not there on an emotional level although they were covering your basic needs, you have not learned what it is to love and bond emotionally with others people and you may think that this is friendship, so you will never walk away from them. 

If you think you may be in a toxic friendship relationship, it is important that you try to save your sanity. These types of ties can harm you in many ways, hurting you psychologically and affecting other aspects of your life. 

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