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It takes a little patience and keenness to notice any kind of changes in your body. The body always has a way of letting you know when things are wrong or right and when something different is occurring. This also applies to ovulation.

Ovulation is the process of releasing an egg from the ovaries to the fallopian tube in readiness for fertilization. It normally comes with some tooting horns of its own that will announce its presence. What you need to do is first of all notice and then interpret these signs that you see. Some of the things you should expect to see or feel are the following:

A change in vaginal mucus

Those keen enough will notice that their vaginal mucus never looks the same. Sometimes you are dry and then a little appears that looks somewhat cloudy and thick. After that comes mucus that looks like raw egg white. It may take a little while to break if you pull it between your fingers (it is not that disgusting, really). When it looks like egg white is when ovulation is occurring.

Feeling a little more sexy and appealing

There are those times during the month that you look at yourself in the mirror and all you can think of is, ’Oh yeah, I’m beautiful!’ The hormones released at this time make you feel sexier and your partner may even find you a little more attractive. Your sex drive may also be a little higher than usual at this time.

Increased basal body temperature

Your basal body temperature is the temperature when you are at rest. It is best checked in the morning when you wake up. During your cycle your temperature is constant then it decreases a little just before ovulation. It then rises sharply (usually by around half a degree) when ovulation begins. You should use a basal body thermometer (it is digital) so as to be able to detect the minute changes.

Cervical position

Your cervix will feel softer, a little higher and definitely wet. It may be a while before you are able to tell the difference but if you are keen enough you will notice.

Abdominal pain

A fifth of all women experience some pain in one side of the abdomen. It could be sharp or just dull and can last for minutes or even as much as a few days. Others may even feel as though the pain is on one side of the back.

Bayo Ajibola

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