This simple ‘hack’ could get your kids to eat more vegetables.

Bayo Ajibola
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How to get your get kids to eat more vegetables:

There is certainly now a way you could get your kids to eat healthy, with no fight An Australian research shows children will gladly eat more veggies
The study unveils children’s understanding of quantity has an effect on their behaviour
Ensuring young children eat their suggested consumption of fruit and vegetables is definitely a struggle most households face on a daily basis.
Fortunately, thanks to science, there an effective technique to get children to consume their vegetables – and it couldn’t be easier.
Researches from a new Australian study revealed kids will eat veggies without having too much hassle, however it all is dependant on how they’re dished up.
Scientists at Deakin University’s Centre for Advanced Sensory Science tried their theory on a control-group of 72 primary-school aged kids.
Every kid participating was presented with a 500g box of peeled carrots on one day, and also the equivalent amount of chopped carrots on the next, with 10 minutes to consume as much of the vegetable as they liked.
Of these two trials, carrots served whole, as opposed to chopped, turned out to be a lot more popular choice, with kids deciding to eat the vegetable for a longer time, said Dr Gie Liem, a senior lecturer from Deakin University.
‘On average this meant they ate about eight to 10 per cent more of the whole vegetable, by weight, than when given diced carrots to try.
‘This is easier for parents too, as they can just put a whole carrot in the child’s lunchbox.’
The research supports earlier study that implies the more you’ve got on your plate, a lot more you would like to eat.
‘Potentially these results can be explained by unit-bias, in which a given unit creates a consumption norm, which tells consumers how much they should eat.
‘In this case, children consumed one whole carrot (one unit) when presented with whole carrots, suggesting that once children started eating a whole carrot they were likely to finish it. Dr Liem said.
Not only will this ‘hack’ be used to get little ones to consume more fresh vegetables, Dr Liem said the reverse can be applied to unhealthy foods too.
‘For example cutting up a block of chocolate in smaller pieces reduces chocolate consumption.’
The specialist also pointed out that kids needed parents or guardians to role model healthy eating habits.
‘Kids often copy adult behaviours, so set a good example by routinely serving and consuming vegetables.’

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