Simple Rules of Life’s Choices

Bayo Ajibola


Our lives are a series of decisions that we make. These decisions influence our health and general quality of life. Some of these decisions might be the difference between living a great healthy life and living life full of various lifestyle diseases.

Thus, when making lifestyle decisions, it is important that whatever you decide is for the betterment of your life.

When you meet someone their appearance and lifestyle tell you the kind of decisions they made at some point in their life.

Some of lifestyle decisions that have a great impact on our lives include the following.

The Food you eat

Am sure that many of us have heard the phrase that “you are what you eat”. Although some people may take the meaning of this phrase with a bit of doubt, this phrase is very truthful and informative at the same time.

Your health is mainly determined by the food that you eat. Eating healthy, balanced food will ensure that you remain healthy and in good shape.

Before you hit that fast food joint for those fries and chicken, think of the effects that they may be having on your body. It is advised that you should not over-indulge in these foods, but rather try to balance them with balanced, properly cooked foods at home.

Therefore, next time you decide to take that favorite meal, analyze the impact it will have on your health. You do not want cholesterol to clog your heart.

Doing Exercise

Another important decision that we should make and which can have adverse impacts on how we live the rest of our lives is about exercise.

Exercising does not mean looking for a well equipped gym nor does it mean looking for a qualified gym instructor as your trainer. Rather, exercise can be as simple as jogging in the evening or mornings in the estate streets or just playing an active sport such as soccer with your children.

Importance of exercising

  • It ensures that you stay in good physical health and shape
  • Exercise can be used as a bonding activity between your friends and family members.

Therefore, when your child asks to join in a game of soccer, think twice about the important effects that game might have on your life before turning him down.

Drug Abuse

Another decision which can have very negative impacts on your life is the decision to use narcotics and drug abuse.

Drugs can have profound negative effects on your life. This can be both socially and economically.

Over-indulgence in narcotics and alcoholic drinks can cause the relationship between you and family members to strain. This is because in most cases, people who overindulge in alcohol, cigarette smoking among others tend to spend much of their free time abusing drugs as opposed to interacting with family members.  Who wants such a relative?

The health impacts of such habits can also be extreme from various diseases such as cancer, liver complications among others.

Thus, before deciding to make or not make that lifestyle decision that greatly affects your life, it is important that a clear evaluation of such decisions be done. Make sure that the decisions you make have positive impacts on you and members of your family.


Bayo Ajibola

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