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Single and Pregnant Here is what to Do

Most families get elated and excited when they discover they are pregnant especially if it was planned. Being single and pregnant is however a different story altogether as it is usually encumbered by the opposite of happy. Insecurities run amok for such mothers to be who might lack the support leaving them confused, scared, desperate and alone.

The first step for such a woman should be to decide to take a day at a time and taking responsibility for the pregnancy. The second thing is to decide whether they are ready to raise a child and step into the shoes of parenthood. This should be in consideration to the other party involved as their decision will help you plan for the future.

Things like whether you are in a healthy relationship, your ability to sustain the child economically, having a support system like family should be among the factors to consider when making your decision.

If changes are in order, do not hesitate to appropriate them, for instance, you might be living an unhealthy lifestyle that wouldn’t be conducive to sustain a pregnancy which has to change too.

The decisions you make should be geared towards what is best for the child you are carrying and its future. A support system is very important as you need a shoulder to lean on when the going gets tough.

You want someone who is sympathetic and smart enough to not only listen to your concerns but to also offer advice and direction when necessary. The person should also be honest enough to lay everything on the table without being pushy.


Finding a doctor for your prenatal care should also be up there in your to do list for regular checkups. This doctor might be able to point you in the direction of an adoption agency if you feel this is the right course of action to take. The agency will see to it that a plan is drawn on how to proceed.

Counseling is also recommended to prepare you psychologically and mentally to get you ready for when the time comes to relinquish your baby to the new parents. Counseling is also advisable after the placement to help one come to terms with losing a child.

Always ensure you enquire about the terms and rules of the adoption process. There are two types of adoption plan the first being open adoptions that allow communication between the parties involved. This option allows one to track the progress and growth of their child which can be done through the parents or directly through the child.

The second option is more stringent, as its name suggests, closed adoption doesn’t allow any form of communication between the parties after the process is finalized. Either way, adoption is an emotionally exhausting decision to make.

Keeping the baby

The decision to have the child should be made by both the father and mother of the child. The father might decide not to be a part of the family which leaves everything to the mother.

The father can also be the type of person that isn’t appropriate or ready to raise a child even though they claim to be ready. With what is best for you and your baby in mind, you can decide to quit the relationship and work out a way for him to be to be involved in the child’s life in future.

Having a stable job can go a long way to ease your apprehension as that should cover all the costs that come with a baby. Start a savings plan for those unprecedented rainy days. Whatever happens however, maintain calm and surround yourself with people who care about you.


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