Being a single father after divorce

Bayo Ajibola

Divorce is a major contributing factor to single father households that are on the rise today than before. When a single father is granted sole custody of his child or children, it means he will be the full-time parent while the other parent gets to spend limited time with the child. This is never an easy transition and can take time for him to adjust. Regardless, with time he can learn how to be the best father and do a great job at raising his kids. Being a single father after divorce

There are a few things a divorced father can do to help with his transition. Here are top 5:

  1. Find a support group

Single fathers support groups provide a community of fathers in the similar situation sharing their experiences with each other. Not only is this helpful but also quite encouraging especially for new single fathers who are encouraged by other singles doing a great job at raising their kids.

  1. Maintain a healthy relationship with his ex-wife

It can be hard for a divorced father to be in good terms with his ex-wife, but their presence in his child’s life is equally important. An ex-wife can be helpful in pointing out a few tips on raising his child. She will be helpful in watching the child when a last-minute emergency occurs.  The overall well being of his child can also be affected by how both parents relate. Maintaining a good relationship with an ex-wife stabilizes the child’s mental and social well being.

  1. Rearrange your schedule

Being a single father is a full-time job. It requires a flexible schedule and proper time in dealing with family. A newly divorced dad can struggle juggling his other obligations and be a sole parent. The earlier he works out a plan, the easier it is for him.

  1. Take some time off dating

Divorce is a strenuous process one that takes a toll on both parents and children. For a newly divorced father, it is wise to take some time of dating and focus on spending time with his children. Introducing new dates to his children right after divorcing their mother confuses the child more damaging their healing process.  It is also important for him to identify his contribution to the failed marriage, go through the healing process and work on being a better person before starting another relationship.

  1. Restructure his life

Whether a sole custodian or sharing custody with his children’s’ mother, it calls for a total restructure in your life. Some things will have to change for the divorced father to be accommodating to his children. For instance, he may need a bigger house, new job, proper financial planning and goals, new friends and much more. As scary as it sounds, it is more like starting all over again in life. This makes the transition easier for both the father and his children.


Life after divorce is a whole lot different from marriage. A divorced father is expected to quickly adjust and continue with his fatherly role. Depending on the nature of custody, he may be a full-time father or part-time. Regardless of the situation, it calls for being the bigger man and putting aside his differences with his ex-wife for the sake of his children.



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  • There is nothing better than being together as couples. Single is good for bachelors.

    Ajao Babatunde Ajao Babatunde December 31, 2017 10:27 am

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