Single Fathers Can make Great Boyfriends Too

Bayo Ajibola

When it comes to relationships and dating, a single father has twice the challenge getting to go for a date and meeting his right partner. Not only is his time limited but also a child may be considered a baggage. A single father raising multiple children has even more diminishing hopes for an exciting dating life. Having a child is not as bad, but two or more is a deal breaker for most single women especially one without children.  Single Fathers Can make Great Boyfriends Too

Being a single father comes with its advantages towards dating. The practical lessons learned by raising a child build desirable characteristics which women will look out for. Here are 8 reasons why a single father can make the best boyfriend:

  1. They are very responsible. A single father knows better not to spend his rent money on entertainment. They also save a lot and make good financial decisions
  2. Single fathers are caring. Having to care for a little human, a single father becomes a caregiver to others as well. He will put a lot of consideration into his thoughts and how it affects those around him making it natural for him to be caring.
  3. A Single father is less needy and intrusive. This comes from having a child that needs his constant care hence he has limited time to be all up in his partner’s business.
  4. A Single father is bold and courageous. Raising a child comes more naturally to women than men. For a single dad raising a child is a bold step in his life; a decision that comes with praise for his courage and critic at the same time
  5. A single father is more reliable. Nothing makes a great partner than the one you can count on. Single fathers are most reliable and can be counted on
  6. Single fathers make great financial decisions. A single dad will spend less on wants and instead save as much as possible towards raising his child. In so doing, he makes sound financial decisions and emerges great at financial planning.
  7. Better conservationists. Every single father is required to be social and easy to mingle. There will be school events for his kids or play events that he has to attend. Chances are that it will be full of moms than dads and he will need to strike a conversation with one or two parents as their children indulge. At the end of it, he becomes better at starting conversations and can make a good listening partner as well.
  8. Single fathers are affectionate. While other men struggle to express their feelings, single fathers excel at this since they are already practicing with their children. A single dad rarely finds it difficult to be affectionate and will not wait for his partner to ask before he starts doing it. To him, it comes naturally and effortlessly.


Just because one is a single father does limit his chances of making a great boyfriend. Most women put off single fathers without giving them an opportunity citing various reasons. Single fathers can make even better boyfriends and husbands. It just calls for a little bit of understanding in dating one but once your relationship becomes official, it will be more fulfilling than ever imagined.

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Bayo Ajibola

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