Single Ladies: 3 Signs Your Man is “Micro-Cheating”

You’re probably just hearing the word “micro-cheating” for the first time, but it’s actually an act you have witnessed or experienced several times before. You may regard micro-cheating as “cheating on the lowest scale.” However, micro-cheating doesn’t completely mean that your guy is “cheating”.

Micro-cheating simply means that your man isn’t adhering to the same level of commitment as you do. Although micro-cheating is something that most guys do without realizing it, it is a slick way most guys who aren’t ready to stay committed to a relationship adopt to stay in the game without compromising their status or existing partner.

According to Ty Tashiro, micro-cheating is a “relatively small act of emotional infidelity with someone outside of a person’s committed relationship” that normally occurs via texting or online interactions. Note that micro-cheating may not exactly be an emotional affair and may never lead up to sex. However, it comprises seemingly harmless, tiny actions that could lead up to full-blown infidelity.

So if you notice some certain behaviors or habits in your partner and you aren’t comfortable with them, it’s time for you to be honest with yourself about what is really going on – chances are your man is micro-cheating on you.

Here are some signs that indicate that your man is micro-cheating:

  • Does Your Man Hardly Put Down His Phone?

Due to the rise in mobile technology and social media, most people are glued to their phones and hardly put it down these days. Chances are that your man may be one of them. However, if you realize that your partner is glued to his phone just a little too much for comfort, your man may be a micro-cheater.

When you notice that your man takes his phone with him everywhere he goes and never leaves it out of his sight or if he’s always very quick to pick up his phone and hide the screen whenever a notification comes in through – these are the red alerts that he might be micro-cheating.

According to Douglas Weiss, one of the signs of micro-cheating to watch out for is “if your man’s cell phone has a code on it or they take their cell phone to the bathroom, even at home.” This is proof that micro-cheating is possible through text, emails, and social media.

Nowadays, we all have our phones all the time for work and conversations, which may come up with colleagues, clients, coworkers, and even acquaintances. However, such conversion is liberal with no secrecy and cannot be mistaken for micro-cheating.

  • Does Your Man Laugh at Something He Sees on His Phone but Doesn’t Say Anything When You Ask What’s Funny?

Does your man seem to be deriving lots of pleasure from things he sees or reads on the internet, but wouldn’t want to share those things with you, then you man may be micro-cheating on you.

According to Rachel DeAlto, a sign of micro-cheating is when your man is exchanging flirty text messages with someone they like and this may cause them to smile or laugh.

  • Does Your Man Follow His Exes On Social Media Channels?

Micro-cheating is mostly done slickly. So, it is mostly done on social media so it can be easily concealed. If your man spends lots of time following, posting, commenting, or even talking about exes on social media channels, he is micro-cheating.

Martin Graff stated that micro-cheating “can be something as simple as repeatedly ‘liking’ someone’s posts on Instagram or commenting on someone’s Facebook.

More so, if you man is hiding his relationship with you, he may be doing so because he micro-cheats. Fine, your man is a grown man and it’s okay for him to have female friends on social media. However, if you begin to notice that his privacy setting doesn’t allow you to see all his posts, you’re getting into trouble.

And whenever he changes his profile picture, more of the comments are from women who think your man is single and your man seems to like it that way – you’re dwelling with a cheater.

More so, if you notice that your man is downplaying the nature of his relationship with you to other people, he may be micro-cheating! Even if another woman is not in the picture, your man is possibly keeping you a secret as a signal to other women that he is available.

Flirting is flirting, even if it happens online, and it can get you hurt irrespective of where it happened.

Your man may not follow his exes on social media but your own female friends. He may choose to make suggestive comments to you about them or flirt around with them – these are also signs that your man is micro-cheating.

Note that your man may not outrightly hook up with them. Instead, he may become a little too friendly with any of them and begin to flirt around. You man should only have eyes for you, and if he doesn’t, he is a micro-cheater.

The signs listed above will help you to understand whether or not your man is micro-cheating. You man may not be dating or have had sex with another lady, but just because you haven’t caught him physically cheating on you doesn’t mean he’s 100% faithful to you.

Infidelity is all-encompassing – it plays out in a lot of little ways, all of which add up to a big problem. Hence, if you notice any of the signs addressed above in your relationship, you might have a micro-cheater as a man.

However, the same thing goes for you. While you’re so focused on watching and blaming your man for micro-cheating, don’t forget to turn the mirror on yourself too. If you notice that you’re exhibiting any of the signs discussed above, you might also be a micro-cheater. So, ensure that you aren’t putting your relationship in jeopardy as much as your man is. And if you are, desist while you talk to your man about that too.

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