Single ladies that hate going to the market are shameless, not marriageable – Young man rants on Twitter

A young man has taken to Twitter to call out single ladies who do not enjoy going to the market but prefer to send someone to help them get their foodstuffs.

The man, Identified as Kester Ozere (@Kestim_) further asked if those kind of ladies are marriageable as they do not want the sun to burn their skin.

Ozere’s post reads: “Some Single ladies are just shameless. How can someone be saying she doesn’t go to the market, she just stops by and give someone to help her enter the market to buy things. That the will burn her skin…. Who dey vomit this kind ladies? Oniranu..Tueh! Marriageable? I used a lot of exemptive words like ‘some’ in this tweet and it’s very painful that a large chunk of this people here sprewing nonsense didn’t get the point. I will reiterate that it’s another about suffering and poverty neither am I elevating those. Understand #Intents.”

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