Single Mothers are not all about Disasters. Here are things you didn’t know about Single Mums

Bayo Ajibola
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Being a single mom welcomes a lot of criticism and ill opinions from friends, family and the society at large. In some cases, single mothers are looked upon as failures in holding their families together or some irresponsible woman who got pregnant out of wedlock. What most people do not understand is there is more to being a single mother than a failed relationship and a child to raise. Here are things you didn’t know about Single Mums

Here are desirable qualities about single mothers:

  1. Single mothers are courageous

Despite the reasons that led to their single motherhood, single mums make a bold decision to keep their babies and raise them single-handedly to the best of their ability. They do not focus on how hard it will be but decide to wade the waters anyway.

  1. Single mothers are the perfect example of making lemonades when life throws lemons at you

Single mothers make the best out of every bad situation in their life. To most, the children make up for their experiences with their lovers. They bring out the best in their children despite the broken relationship with their father.

  1. Single mothers are strong willed

Raising a child on your own can be overwhelming to anyone. Single mothers have to deal with their own insecurities but still remain strong for their children. They will break down and cry but the next minute dust themselves up and smile at their children. In most cases, their kids have no clue what their mothers are going through since they are always happy and accommodating to them.

  1. Single mothers are breadwinners

Whether you are a single mom due to divorce, or death of a spouse, the alimony or insurance money you get does not guarantee to be sufficient for all your needs. You will need to step up and find a job, start a business in order to provide for your child. Unlike in a family, you are the sole provider for your child and they will depend on you for all their needs.

  1. Single mothers are dependable and make the best partners

While most men shy away from dating single mothers, those who date them a test to how different they are from other single women. Single mothers can be relied upon. They have no time for mediocre relationships and will not strain men along. They know what they want in a relationship and are not afraid to end it if it’s not working. Single mothers are selfless and naturally accommodating even to their partner’s kids. These are some desirable qualities for a strong relationship and especially to single fathers who need someone to understand their situation.


While most people see a hot mess on single mothers, others have discovered what a gem they are and are not afraid to be associated with them. Single motherhood is a wonderful experience full of challenges and wins in equal measure. It is a lifetime opportunity to love your kids twice as much unapologetically. Some of the most successful world heroes have been raised by single mothers and owe their success to their mothers who believed in them and nurtured their dreams


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