My sister has taken over my house

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I’m a married woman but my husband works outside the country and comes home once a year. I live with our three kids and a househelp. With the effect this pandemic has had on most people, my older sister lost her job earlier this year. I’m now hosting her together with her two daughters. Everything has been fine but they’ve now taken over my house and it’s overwhelming.

My sister calls the shots now. If I happen to give instructions to the children, she gives them a different set of instructions right there and then in the presence of the kids. On two occasions she has harshly reprimanded me in full view of my kids. It was so demeaning and I felt utterly disrespected and humiliated.

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Her children are an absolute headache. Correcting them is always a tussle because they don’t take it well. They will throw tantrums, pick a fight with you, and nothing else will go on in the house. So much chaos! Their mother is quite protective of them so I no longer correct them. I just watch as they make mistakes because I don’t want to receive a tongue-lashing from my sister. On the flipside, she beats my children when they make mistakes.

I love my sister and respect her but this has gotten out of hand. I gave her capital and she started a business. The business isn’t doing badly but it’s growing very slowly. She can’t pay her bills from it yet so kicking her out feels inhuman. She asks me for an explanation as to where I’m going, my purpose for going to the said place, and when I’ll be back every time I want to leave the house. I feel like a prisoner in my own home! I badly miss my space! What does wisdom dictate I do in such a situation?

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