“I did smell but I didn’t care” – New mum who didn’t bathe for 1 full month after giving birth says

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A new mum Terry Loong, 40, who didn’t bathe for 30 whole days after giving birth has shared her reason for doing it.

Terry, who is of Malaysian heritage and lives in Harrow, north west London, said she chose not to shower for 1 month because it helped her bond with her son. She said it’s called postpartum confinement, a practice she says is common in Asian culture, where a new mother does not leave the house, have visitors or, in some cases, bathe for a month following delivery.

The rationale behind this practice is that it helps protect both mum and baby from infections, gives the mother a chance to recover and recharge, and allows the two uninterrupted bonding time.

Aesthetic doctor Terry admitted she “did smell of bodily fluids” but she said she didn’t care. She believes it helped her bond with little Matthew, free of any distractions, while giving her body the rest it desperately needed.

She moved: “I remember my mum having a period of confinement when I was little. I’m the oldest of five so I saw it a lot.

It is common in Asian culture. Some of my Chinese friends here in London have done it too but adapted it to what works for them, picking different parts of it.

I don’t know many people that did it fully, like me. The biggest thing is that people couldn’t believe I hadn’t showered.

It wasn’t pretty, but it was important. If I had another baby, I would definitely do it again.”

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