Sonia Morales: ‘Most of them Men are Using Money to Prove their Superiority over You’

Bayo Ajibola
Sonia Morales ‘Most of them Men are Using Money to Prove their Superiority over You’
Nollywood actor/model IK Ogbonna and his awesome sweetheart Sonia Morales are simply among the ‘hottest’ young couples in the entertainment industry and it appears they are quite in sync with one another.

Today while IK Ogbonna published the 5 types of love, his girlfriend likewise shared her ideas on the combination of love and money.

She posted on Instagram:

Things seems so easy ,especially when you are a pretty lady,but don’t get it twisted- money is actually the cheapest way to buy someone’s time,because if it’s all you get, after you spend it you are left with nothing . Not to mention that most of them men are using money to prove their superiority over you & throwing u bread makes them feel like they have right over your life like it’s worthless. You are nobody’s toy.
Surely,If he loves you and cares,he would want to spend the last dime on you and make sure you ok, but if you love him too,you simply won’t let him.
Things you buy with money are sweeter when there is something priceless involved between you two , something you both can regardlessly hold on to

Ik had earlier posted:

I just discovered that man can only experience true love in not more than 5 departments
#1: love of God , u feel so in love with God sometimes u want to cry
#2: love for ur child , that’s a feeling u can’t explain
#3: The Love for Food , look at Ik smiling omg coz food is barely 1 min away
#4: Love for money , u think u don’t love it but deep down u love that b****t
#5: Not everyone can really experience this , a lot of ppl pass tru life thinking they experienced it but never truely did , it’s so sweet and you can’t help it .. It’s called true love for ur soulmate. While typing I realized Sex is another extreme level of love , but I din’t add it to the 5 coz on the real when u have sex with someone u don’t love u feel hate immediately after u climax.
Feel free to debate it and I will defend . Ok bye

Photo Credit: Instagram/Ikogbonna

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