South African man shares heartbreaking story of how his girlfriend left him for his friend

A South African man has taken to Twitter to share story of how his love affair went from perfect to sad in the space of five years.

The man, identified as Glen_motete on Twitter said it all started when he and the girlfriend hooked up. One day, they had sex and afterwards, the lady started crying because she feared he was going to leave him. This made him to feel sorry, leading him to promise the girl that he will not leave him.

Luckily, their love blossomed and they even had a child together and went on in love for almost five years. Unfortunately, tragedy struck and he had a terrible accident that left him seriously injured. Not only that, the accident cost him his job and eventually his woman abandoned him in the hospital and went ahead sleeping with his friend.

Read his heart-breaking posts below:

“Years ago, I had sex with this Girl and after we got done, she closed her eyes and when she opened Them, They were Filled With Tears��..

I asked her “what was wrong”

she said “you gonna leave me after this”�

After her doubting question. I answered with a shaking tired broken voice nd I was like “Bbe in u I saw love and future. If I dump you after 2 second of pleasure wht will be my benefit? I dn’t do hit nd run, i care abt my life like I care about you”. I love u nd I’m here 2 stay.

.allow yourself to love and to be loved, don’t let your past paralyze you and prevent you from finding happiness, yes it hurts but baby allow yourself to heal. I’m her forever. That was my answer to her. She was beautify but u can tell from her speech that she’s been hurt b4

She’s been hurt so many times before by the people that claimed to “love ” her. so it was hard for her to trust people. even when she gets in a relationship she becomes paranoid and insecure.

To all the gentlemen out there who keep treating their girl/wife right, you deserve an appreciation post. Keep making your woman happy and show everyone that good guys still exist in this day and age….

We happily dated for 4.6 years and Lord God blessed us with a baby girl. We even got engaged. 45.000 lobola was even pains to her family. We even bought a house in Soweto GP (South africa). She never thought she will ever feel loved like I did gave her love.

But ����

After all this years sacrificing my soul to her. Moulding her into a normal women. Giving her my all. Choosing her over everything. She choose attractions of this world. I thought love is all that she needed but I was wrong. She’s not what i thought she was..!!

Is it coz of accident or coz I lost my job after brutal accident I’m still curious to conclude… Coz I don’t know what was an influence behind her action… She was never there for me since I been hospitalized in FS. Not even a single day. But she said she loves me? �

How can you say you love some1 then choose not to be supportive? �

I was discharged after 2 months. She never had any idea that I was coming home. Maybe she thought I’m dead or she wanted me do die? When I arrive home I was happy and in Harry to meet my wife to be but only to

Find her in bed with my Friend. Happy and laughing like thing is happening in her life.

She lied �

She cheated me �

She deceived me �

I was in pain I didn’t have energy to fight them. I took my baby (who she was sleeping in her room) and few clothes and then go.. She wanted to talk and explain but I was in pain, I didn’t wait.

I was hurt. Emotionally and physically. I wanted to go back after few days of that scenario. But my pride didn’t allow me to do so. I had no one to talk to at that time. She got no parents, few of those who negotiated the lobola left and they where far to be reached.

Honestly It takes time to move on. It takes time to completely heal again and it takes time to learn how to be happy without the person i thought i couldn’t live without.�

As days pass by, i start to slowly let go of all the feelings, emotions, the memories nd everything that happened between me nd this person. She came to my house two weeks later not to explain but to tell me it was over between US.

I never answered her. I gave her everything, including her education, my child, house and car. Few months later I lost my job… And she was also pregnant with my friend’s child.��

Life will humble you. I let it go. As painful as it was, i just had to let it go my friend, I can’t live sad all the time. Its better to deal with the Heartbreaks than to always go to bed with teary eyes. Love is cruel sometimes but when you fall for wrong people. I loved her �”

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