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There is no doubt that most parents usually have an idea of how they would like their children to behave, dress like and the path they would like their children to follow. However, this dream usually faces certain challenges when the child approaches adolescence. Certain myths have been put across on how it is almost impossible to mold your child once he or she has attained the teen age. There should be absolutely no reason why you should not be able to create a proper path for your teenage child, after all you are responsible for the life that he or she now cherishes.

One of the most important steps of turning your teen child into your dream child is dispelling the myths that are associated with teen children. One common myth is that once a teen child becomes bad, there is no helping him or her. It is important as a parent that you do not view your child in this light. Once you have it in your mind that your child is bad, the child will have it encrypted in his or her mind that she is bad pushing the child to undertake behaviors that you would consider as bad. As a parent you have the influence of determining how your child sees herself or himself.

Always be there for your teen child. A common myth is that teenagers like to hold back their thoughts and bolt up their feelings. This is not usually the case as teen children like to talk, provided that they can find a willing listener. It is therefore important that you take time out of your busy schedule and sit down to have a chat with your teen child. Get to know the direction of his or her thoughts. Enquire about how they spent their day. This will give you a picture on the direction that your teen child is headed towards. You will in essence have a chance to evaluate if this is your desired direction.

It is important that you remember that you are the primary role model to your teen child. Your child will most likely want to emulate the way you carry yourself out in front of him or her. It is therefore important that you portray the picture that you would want your child to emulate from the onset of his or her teenage life. Do not do something that you would advise your child against in their presence. Remember to explain as precisely as possible the reasons as to why you would not want your child to undertake a certain behavior.

A common problem with the upbringing of teenage children is the emergence of the virtual life. The need for efficient communication has greatly improved the virtual world, which has doubled up to become a major source of entertainment. Without proper care, your child will most likely fall prey to TV addiction and other sources of entertainment. It is therefore important to lay ground rules on the usage of the information devices at an early age. It is important not to lock your child from the advancing information world as it is also equally important not to lose your child to the corroded culture portrayed by the virtual world.

Parental control is a must in the use of communication devices by the teen children. While most pundits will argue that thisserves as a limiting factor to the freedom of the children, it is important to note that the minds of the teen children are developing and they are likely to adopt anything that is fed into their mind irrespective of from which source the information is emanating from. As a parent you should be there to ensure that the information or program that your child obtains from any communication device aligns to the core values that you want your child to emulate.

Lastly, it is important to remember that you are a parent, not a military commander or a dictator. You should therefore strive to ensure a friendly and open environment between you and your teen child. Do not forcefully impose ideas on your teen child as this will likely lead to rebellion. Discuss your ideas with your child while listening to his or her ideas. Create an atmosphere of understanding in the family. This will create a feeling of admiration and affection from your child hence increasing the chances of the child listening and putting into action your pieces of advice.

Bayo Ajibola

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