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Everyone knows that  things you eat and how you take care of yourself in terms of health and fitness plays a huge role in your long term health. What a lot of people don’t know is that those life choices  play a big role in our reproductive system and organs.

Thanks to a research into  how to improve pregnancy and fertility made by some scientist in America The data  collected as a result of this research has allowed scientists and researchers to gain a broader perspective into pregnancy and fertility, and without the voluntary input from the nurses used in this research , science would have be short 80 million bits of imperative data which could change the course of fertility for the future.


10 Lifestyle Changes That Could Make All the Difference


1.       Women should avoid trans-fat as much as possible, which can be found in meat and processed, fatty foods and fast food

2.       Women should use olive oil or grape seed oil instead of vegetable oils

3.       Incorporate more vegetables into your daily diet

4.       Opt for smarter grains like whole grains rather than bleached flours

5.       Eat more low fat dairy on a daily basis

6.       Multivitamins are most important. Women trying to conceive should begin taking a pre-natal vitamin or a multivitamin containing folic acid at least 3-6 months before trying to conceive, and continue to do so throughout their pregnancy.

7.       Up your iron intake from foods such as beans, vegetables like leafy dark green lettuce, and spinach. Try not to opt for iron intake from meats.

8.       Up your fluid intake to include more water than anything else and try to omit caffeinated beverages as much as possible. Steer clear of sugary beverages like sodas.

9.       Get down to and maintain a healthy weight. Even losing just 5% of your body weight if you are overweight can make all the difference in ovulation and fertility.

10.   Begin exercising if you don’t currently do so, and be sure to get at least 30 minutes per day of physical activity.

11.   Stop smoking

Some Good Advice

Without having any solid data to rely on, it’s difficult to say what one thing if any will increase or actually make your chances of fertility certain. There are many articles on the internet and also forums and boards which contain a plethora of tips and information from other women trying to conceive. Most of what you will read there are just self-opinionated ideas that may be working for one woman, but not the next. Be careful what you read as not everything is true.

After Pregnancy

These tips may also be used far beyond pregnancy. Implementing these few tips into your life and actually sticking with them will cause you to become a much healthier, and happier, individual.


Bayo Ajibola

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