Stuffed Plantain Fritters

Bayo Ajibola

Stuffed Plantain Fritters

There is always more than one ways that you can cook a certain food. It takes just a little experimentation and ‘risk taking’ in the kitchen to find out new ways. This ‘courage’ has the potential to turn a simple food or foods into an exquisite meal!

Take for example plantains and beans. Most people have them as a complete meal and this is quite okay. However, mashed plantain and bean stew can really fill you up and within no time you don’t want to have a second look at the meal. How about you give it a little twist and twirl and turn it into a possible breakfast or even four o’clock snack with tea or juice?


  • 3 Large ripe plantains
  • Half a cup of beans
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 cup of water
  • Quarter teaspoon crayfish
  • Half cube seasoning
  • Oil for frying


  • Boil the beans until they are completely soft. This should take about 45 minutes or much shorter if using a pressure cooker. Check if they are well done by pressing one between your fingers and thumb and see if it mashes easily.
  • When they are well done, add the seasoning cube, pepper and salt and stir in thoroughly. Let it cook for about 10 more minutes and then set it aside.
  • Peel the plantains. You can make this easier by chopping off the top and bottom and doing a slit down the length of the plantain. Chop them up and put them in a pot with one cup of salted water and bring to a boil.
  • Once cooked, drain any excess water and put the plantains in a bowl. Mash them using a fork or potato masher until they are smooth. If your plantains were extra ripe you may need to add some whole wheat flour or almond flour to give the mixture a little more body. Make sure you mix this in thoroughly. A mixture of ripe and unripe plantains or just unripe plantains will not need any of this addition though since it will hold.
  • Take a clean Ziploc bag, slit it on the sides and place it on a surface. Take a small amount of the mashed plantain and place it at the middle of the bag. Cover the plantain mash with one side of the bag and flatten it using your hands. Once flat, scoop some beans onto the middle and roll it all into a ball. Continue doing this until you finish all the mashed plantain.
  • Put some oil in a pan or fryer and let it heat up. Ensure the oil is enough to cover the plantains. This will ensure that the balls don’t stick to the pan and burn. Add the plantain balls into the hot oil and fry them for about 2-4 minutes until they turn golden brown.
  • You can serve them with some sautéed onions, ketchup or just on their own. Wash them down with a cool glass of fresh juice to complete the picture.

With these fritters, you can enjoy a totally different experience with these two foods. Both are healthy and packed with nutrients and made in the right way, they can blow your mind. If you have a child who is not a fan of any of these foods this would be a tasty way to get them to eat.

Presentation is important for any meal and any age group. The more appealing it looks the more appetizing it seems to be and the higher the chances that people will want to eat.

Bayo Ajibola

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