Health benefits of mango leaves. Mangoes are a popular fruit in Nigeria whenever they come in season. The sourness of the unripe mango and the sweetness of the ripe mango are enjoyed by the old and the young, the rich and the poor alike and are widely satisfying. Apart from its delicious taste, many people are familiar with some of the health benefits of the mango fruits but very few people are aware of the benefits you can gain from the leaves.

The leaves of the mango tree contain various beneficial nutrients that are important to the body. From the flavonoids that serve as antioxidants to the tannins that help with diarrhea, the mango leaves have a bit of something for everyone.

Health benefits of mango leaves

Here are a few interesting benefits of mango leaves that you probably had no idea about before today:


Surely you’ve heard someone say that a beautiful smile is the best accessory a person can have. And you can’t have a beautiful smile without healthy and hygienic teeth. The best way to maintain sparkling white teeth is to practice healthy mouth hygiene or you run the risk of having infections, cavities, discolored teeth and worst of all, bad breath.

Now here’s where mango leaves come in. Mango leaves contain tannins which are compounds that are great for treating unhealthy gums and teeth. Very few people knew this, but now so do you.

The trick is plucking some mango leaves, clean them very well with freshwater and chop the leaves into little bits. Brew the leaf bits in hot water until it turns yellowish, that’s when you know it’s ready.

Use the water to clean your teeth and gums regularly, and you’ll be well on your way to having that sparkling smile.


In addition to tannins, mango leaves contain anthocyanins that are beneficial in diabetic people.

Research has shown that the tea brewed from mango leaves can slow down the progression of diabetes by healing the damaged blood vessels in and around the pancreas thereby helping it to perform properly. Mango leaves, therefore, show benefits in treating retinopathy, angiopathy and the high blood sugar experienced by diabetics.

If you are diabetic and you want to benefit from this, simply take 3 or 4 mango leaves, wash them and boil them after. Leave the brew for 24 hours, by the next morning, filter out the leaves from the brew and drink the resulting liquid before you eat breakfast.


Burns occur when your skin is injured by hot objects like hot oil, hot water, hot iron, and even fire. Generally speaking, burns on the skin might result in blisters, watery looking skin or even bubbles on the skin and there are many different ways of eliminating them depending on the degree.

But if you happened to be frying that Akara on a Saturday morning for example, and you happen to splash hot oil on your skin, mango leaves are very handy as first aid.

Pick dried mango leaves and burn them till they turn to ash, then sprinkle the ashes on the burn wound. You’ll be feeling right as rain in no time.


Whether during the rainy season or the dry dusty season, coughs and cold run rampant in many parts of Nigeria.

Being a powerhouse of vitamin C, mango leaves are great for taking care of cases of flu and cough.

As usual brew, the leaves in hot water until it turns yellow, and drink. You can also mix the yellow liquid with honey and drink regularly.


Giving birth to children is one of the most anticipated events for couples once they get married and the presence of children can further improve the relationship between the husband and wife.

Therefore, those that are looking to have kids can benefit a lot from mango leaves as they contain properties that increase fertility in couples. So if you want a baby real quick, ditch that Lipton tea and start drinking mango leaf tea.


Black spots, especially those that appear on the face as acne scars cause many a man and woman to lose confidence in themselves. It blights the appearance and makes many people uncomfortable.

But worry not, because mango leaves are superb at eliminating black spots. What should you do?

Dry out a few mango leaves, and then grind them into a fine powder. Blend the powder with yogurt and apply the mixture to the parts of your face with the spots. Leave it on for a few minutes, and then wash it off. Try that regularly and your face will be smooth like a baby’s bottom.


Make no mistake; dysentery isn’t the same as diarrhea. While the liquid stool that occurs in diarrhea doesn’t contain blood, the stool in dysentery is accompanied by the stooling of blood as well.

On the bright side, dysentery can be eliminated by consuming mango leaves as they help to rehydrate you and reduce the inclusion of blood.


Drop a few mango leaves in a glass or container of warm water, cover it and leave it overnight. The next morning, filter out the leaves and drink the concoction before breakfast. When you take this mix regularly, it serves as a great tonic for your stomach, flushes out toxins and helps to keep your gut healthy.


If you are the kind of person that suffers from restlessness as a result of anxiety, taking mango leaves as a home remedy helps. Just mix a few mango leaves to your bath water and you’ll be feeling relaxed and refreshed for the new day.Health benefits of mango leaves.


Mango leaves play a role in lowering blood pressure as a result of their hypotensive properties. They contain compounds that strengthen blood vessels and may treat the occurrence of varicose veins.

Although the effect isn’t instant but drinking the leaf tea regularly will gradually lower your blood pressure to healthy levels.

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