Teaching Faith To your Child

Bayo Ajibola
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Teaching Faith To your Child.Children are a blessing from God. I know this is cliché but it is not every one that is guaranteed to get a child. Looking at it from a religious perspective, children are regarded a blessing to a marriage union. While some couples get children barely with effort, for others it is a struggle. In any case for those parents who are firm believers, it is their desire to bring up their children in the ways of their faith.

In the later years, teaching faith to your children would have been easier than the present times. Unlike before, more people have come out openly to challenge the belief in a supreme being. The present culture is more liberal and equally accepts atheists as much as it accepts believers. With the world moving towards liberalization in faith, sexuality and believes, it will require an effort from parents to teach children their faith and hope that they stick to their faith even in adulthood.

Here are tips on how to go about it

  1. Start early – Unless you start teaching faith to your children at an early age, it will be much harder to introduce faith to them when they are much older. At a young age, there will be minimal resistance and they grow up being used to your faith and practice.
  2. Be an example – As a parent, you are the first role model your child has. If you are teaching him faith, be sure to practice exactly what your faith and practice recommend. Otherwise, if you do not practice your faith, your children will treat it with the same disregard as you do.
  3. Show them the importance of faith – Each religion has its own set of advantages to their believers. Teach your children why faith is important in their lives. Show them practical examples of advantages of faith in the lives of believers. Unless they can resonate with faith in their lives or those close to them, they are likely not to hold it with much water.
  4. Teach them how to respect other religions – Depending on your religion and practice, you will believe it is more superior to others. Well, other believers of other religions or faith share the same sentiments when it comes to their religion. Regardless, we must all corporate and socialize beyond faith barriers. Teach your children to respect other religions, faith and practice. Teach them to be open to socialize beyond faith barriers. It is through these interactions that they will become more appreciative of their faith and others.
  5. Be patient – At an early age, your children will abide by your faith without any resistance. But as they grow older, get to their teen years and even in adulthood, they may challenge your faith. As a parent, be patient and understanding to your children. Do not shove your faith in their lives. Instead, guide them with love and patience. This will make them more open to discussing their fear or concerns in regards to your faith. Through such interactions, you can guide their belief in your faith bringing them closer to your God.


Faith is an important aspect of everyone’s life. It guides our beliefs and influences our decisions. Introducing your child to faith not only feeds his soul but influences his character. As a parent, make a point of teaching faith to your child from an early age.

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