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How do your kids respond to issues and challenges around them? Have you ever taken some time to observe that? Their response to the needs of others could point to a large extent at the kind of children you’re training them to become. At their teen age, your children should now understand what it means to not have some food to eat; how it feels to fall ill, and other conditions life could present at the doorsteps of others. These situations may just be avenues for them to express their innateproblem solving skills or to even discover their calling in life. However, it is important to understand here that there is a possibility of getting someone depressed simply by exposing the person to some number of urgent situations. That is why a move like this is not so recommended for children when they are still very young (although there could be some exceptional cases).

At their teen age, they must have by now become more conversant with the sights of people begging at bus stops; hearing about the harmful blows our environment suffer daily, and other stuff which they should know by now. But, before gradually bringing your teen face to face with the realities some other people less fortunate than themselves encounter daily, make one thing clear to her: it is not her fault. Let your teen(s) know that life is fun and worth living, and that no matter how saintly they live, they can’t prevent some things from happening to others. This will give them a stable platform on which to balance their feeling – that is, neither feeling indifferent nor getting too affected to the point where it disturbs their own take on life.

So, how exactly can we help our teens to affect their world positively? This can be done in a great number of ways but we’ll only share a few for now. Naturally, while these are being put to practice, other individual ways by which they can be of help will unfold.


Charity begins at home. You can’t afford not to let your teens know about global warming, a safe and mosquito-free environment and flooding. Make them to understand how blocked drainages contribute to flooding; how lagging pools of water are utilized by mosquitoes as breeding sites to continue the reign of terror of malaria in Nigeria and Africa. The teen may seem disinterested at first (depending on how you present the case), but with regular reminders they’ll become advocates of your ideas when they get back to school.


Start early to teach them how to share their stuff with the have-nots. A used jacket, that boot which they do not make much use of and some money may rock the world of another person who has been praying for years for these. You just may be building the next major philanthropist in your city! Help them to see these acts of positivity as genuine contributions from their heart, with no strings attached. It all really is a seed though, with fruits that can manifest in a variety of ways.

Finally, when next you’re paying a visit to a sick relative or friend in the hospital, ask your teen if he/she might want to come along. This face-to-face contact with the pains undergone by some may give him or her a further stirring to direct his life’s choices in such a way as to be of assistance in diverse ways to the greatest number of people within reach.

Bayo Ajibola

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