”Thank you for not letting me to become a widow” wife praises God for the safe return of her soldier husband after 4 years of fighting Boko Haram in Maiduguri

A Nigerian soldier, John Oden, yesterday took to his Facebook account to appreciate God for keeping him safe in Maiduguri after 4 years of Fighting Boko Haram and returning him back home alive to his wife and mother.

Now, the soldier’s wife, Esther Oden, has also taken to Facebook to thank God for protecting her husband during his stay in Maiduguri and not allowing her to become a widow. Esther wrote:

”Nyene nso nkan ekom oooo
Ami nyene nso nkan ekom oooo
Nyene nso nkan ekom oooo
ami nyene nso nkan ekom ndinor abasi….

It all ended in praise.

Thank you Jesus for putting the devil to shame,you’ve done what no man can do,you’ve truly proven yourself as God.
Thank you for not letting me to become a widow at my prime,thank you for giving me reasons to smile,after 4 good years of my world best battling with Boko Haram terrorist he is back in good health…no injuries,no amputation of leg or hand he is back complete how can I thank you enough.i lack words to express my gratitude to the maker of the universe. All I will keep saying is thank you God.
#Husband of my youth you are truly favoured#
#it could only be God#
#I love you like no man’s business#”

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