Thank you God for another year – Pastor Paul Adefarasin celebrates 57th birthday today

Popular Lagos pastor and founder of the House on the Rock churches headquartered in Lagos, Paul Adefarasin who was born on 25 January 1963 is celebrating his 57th birthday today.

The  Christian minister and televangelist who heads and the host of The Experience (gospel concert) who is married to Ifeanyi Adefarasin took to his Instagram to celebrate himself with heartfelt note.

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BIRTHDAY MUSINGS _ Psalm 27 verse 23: “The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.” Reflectively pondering my journey herewith, it’s easy to understand why the LORD processed me the way that He did. Now in hindsight, it is 2020 vision to look back and and see with clarity, that without those testy trials and sore circumstances, one would never have evolved into what He intentionally created one to be. _ This is why every expression of gratitude may seem regrettably trite, and all the melodious musing in music may sound too underwhelming to convey the vastness of the gratitude that I feel towards HIM for all that HE IS and for all that He has done. Father! Dear Father!! Like a river bursting its banks in a gushing overflow of its fountains from deep within, my heart overflows with great joy and jubilee and yet yearns to communicate its deepest gratitude for all that YOU ARE, for all that you have done and for all that still awaits in the ensuing years ahead. _ THANK YOU ABBA!!! Thank you for another year! Thank you for faith Thank you for family Thank you for the future Thank you for friends Thank you for life Thank you for the legacy Thank you for your legendary love Thank You Jesus full of grace and truth Thank You for mercy Thank you for the inexhaustible list of kind deeds towards us that if we were to tell, it would take only eternity to tell it all. _ Thank you for all the beautiful tomorrows and for the profundity of eternity and its looming promise that comes when time is no more. All that we have belongs to you All that we are, we owe to you All that we long for comes from you Thank you for mercy If I had a thousand tongues it still would never be enough … Psalm 90 v 12: “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.“ Thank You eternally. With gratitude, The disciple who Jesus loves #PaulAdefarasin #birthday #hotr

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