The 3 P’s That Can Poison Your Marriage

Bayo Ajibola
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Marriage is a magnificent gift from God, but we’re imperfect people. We have a propensity for poison: our sinful desires tend to poison the pure things in our life. God uses marriage to sanctify us.

The 3 P’s That Can Poison Your Marriage

1: Pennies (Finances)

Pennies poison our marriage by creating mistaken identity through comparing or a wrong source of security. This inevitably leads to fear and frustration that can strain your relationship in multiple ways.

The antidote? Understanding that God is sovereign, loving, and faithful to provide.

Read: Matthew 6:25-34

2: Perversion (of Sex and Intimacy)

Sex is a physical confirmation of a spiritual truth/covenant. A perversion is “the alteration of something from its original course.” For sex and intimacy, pornography addiction distorts one or both spouse’s view of what sex should entail.

Ask yourselves the question: if all you ever knew about sex was what you discovered as a married couple (without outside influences of media, pornography, etc), how would your sex life look? You would be enough for each other

The antidote:

  1. Remember that sex is a good gift from God, one he wants you to enjoy.
  2. Have a transparent conversation and discuss your thoughts and goals for your sex life. Where can you grow?
  3. If you have unaddressed addiction or trauma, make steps toward healing: counseling, get pastoral care, addiction recovery.

3: Pride

Pride is the root of every sin. It’s what makes us think we know better than God—that our way is the better way.

The antidote: seeing yourself for who you are (a sinner saved by grace) and seeing Jesus for who he really is (the only One who saves).

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