The 4 Types Of Intimacy Every Marriage Needs To Thrive

Intimacy is the feeling of closeness and openness between couples. Intimacy isn’t all about sex. Usually, when people hear of intimacy, the first thing that comes to mind is sex. While this to an extent, is part of intimacy, sex doesn’t make up all of the intimacy.  For every marriage, there are four major types of intimacy needed for them to thrive. They include

1. Sexual intimacy

Sexual intimacy is a common form of intimacy in every marriage. Sex leads to intimacy but isn’t all there is to intimacy. Sex is a means through which couples satisfy each other. 

It is a form of bond between them and that is why sex is originally meant for just couples who are legally married. However, with civilization, people in a relationship, courtship, and any other thing apart from marriage now engage in sex as a means to build a bond and show love and affection to each other. 

Many people have said that men do not need to be intimate before having sex while women need intimacy before having sex. This means that most women need to love you to have sex with you while men can have sex with you, have their sexual urges satisfied, and probably love you in the long run. 

Generally, sexual intimacy is one of the most important forms of intimacy in every marriage. Couples have waxed stronger because of it and it has saved numerous relationships. Build your sex life and explore different sex styles to make your sex life more enjoyable. 

2. Emotional Intimacy 

Emotional intimacy refers to the emotional connection between couples. A relationship that works is made up of genuine emotional connection and good habits. Emotionally intimate couples can communicate with each other well notwithstanding any disagreement. 

This intimacy helps couples surmount issues and wax stronger in love. Emotional intimacy doesn’t include sexual activities. It simply helps couples connect with each other, build trust, and be friends. When you are emotionally intimate with your partner, you can talk to him or her about anything. Both of you can gist and have fun like friends. 

There is almost nothing like secrets when both parties are truly emotionally intimate. You can be emotionally intimate with your friends, parents, or siblings but such emotional intimacy is incomparable with what you share with your partner.

3. Physical intimacy 

Physical intimacy details physical touch. It includes hugs, kisses, and other physical touches that increase emotional intimacy and love between couples. 

One may think that physical intimacy is the same as sexual intimacy. It is important to note that physical intimacy is not the same as sexual intimacy. However, physical intimacy can lead to sexual intimacy. 

Some acts of foreplay may be referred to as forms of physical intimacy. 

4. Spiritual intimacy 

This type of intimacy is often overlooked by people. Couples can also connect via spiritual means. By this, we mean their religious beliefs help them connect and love each other better. 

It has been observed that some religious doctrines foster love and understanding between couples. Thus, partners should be able to unite themselves in their religion. 

Spiritual intimacy helps broaden the vision of couples. Spiritual intimacy isn’t all about going to church, it is more of couples understanding themselves and backing up their lives with good spiritual doctrines. 

These kinds of intimacy are very important in every marriage meant to flourish.

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