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The 6 Things All Dads Should Teach Their Daughters

There`s always a strong bond between dad and daughter. It’s something that has been there for years. Well, those who are dads to sons and daughters will tell you that they would let their daughters get away with things they wouldn’t dare with the sons.

It’s not a matter of being wrong or right; it’s just how things are and it’s absolutely difficult to change that. Dads have the responsibility of showing their daughters what a real man is and what they should expect in the real world out there.

The reality is that a large number of dads actually find it hard to sit down and talk to their daughters about these matters. Here, you are going to learn 6 things that you should teach your daughter to prepare her to face the world with strength.

1.      Always tell her that she is valuable

You need to let your daughter know that she is valuable to you by who she is rather than by what she wears or does. You should make her feel valuable because you are the dad and you believe that she is the best.

In fact, the confidence in your daughter comes from you. It`s actually upon you to make your daughter feel confident and appreciated before other people.

2.      Give her the confidence that she can always count on you

Your daughters should always be confident that they can count on you no matter what. This includes telling the truth whenever they ask you a question. When they know that they can actually count on you, they will always trust what you say.

They will also count on you when it comes to doing what`s best for their interest. When they trust you, it becomes easier to advice on matters of relations, an inappropriate party or other bad things. And the end of it all, finish by telling them that you are doing this because you have their best interest at heart.

3.      Always advice them to love others

This is the best advice you can ever give to your daughter because it’s everyone`s eternal duty. Tell your daughters it is important to love others because they expect people to love them too.

Tell them that it’s not good when people are suffering because we were all made in God`s image; therefore, it’s important to show a little love.

4.      Teach them to command respect from men

Research has it that women marry men who look and behave like their dads. As a father, you need to be an example to your daughters. You should be the man your daughter would like to marry. In your own marriage, ensure that you showcase traits of a good man. When you are a good man in your marriage, everything about your daughters will fall in place as you expect.

5.      Always tell them that you love them unconditionally

Everybody wants to be loved and it wouldn’t do any harm telling your daughters you love them unconditionally. Just like other women, your daughters would be really delighted to know that you love them.

Let them know that nothing can separate them from the love that you have for them. This should be something that you do regularly because they really need to know.

6.      Teach her to be the lady you`ve always wanted her to be

When it comes down to teaching your daughter how to become a lady, there are so many things you can say. First, you need to teach her how to talk and dress like a lady. Let her know that her body is reserved for her future husband.


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