The beautiful, slippery road that is temptation

I’m currently born-again and hoping to get married someday and I’m also abstaining from sex. Before I got born-again I used to be friends with a certain man and we would hang out a lot going clubbing, drinking, and traveling but we weren’t dating and neither did we have sex. I was living in a different country and I eventually moved back to my home country. We stopped communicating after I moved. It’s been seven years and this guy got a job in my home country, only about 2 hours away from where I live and work.

I know because he’s been sending me messages, asking to meet me. He says he doesn’t have friends here and we had lots of fun together so it would be great to reconnect. I found out he’s married now with two children and that bothered me because I don’t like messing around with married men. I don’t want to be labelled a homewrecker. For that reason I ignored his messages for a whole year. He eventually asked me to never contact him again and I didn’t respond to that message either. I thought that would be the end of it but he started texting me again about six months later. This time he said he would drive all the way and pick me up so we could go for dinner and then drop me back home the same night.

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This man is handsome, has lots of money and doesn’t mind spending it on me, and knows how to treat a woman. He’s such a gentleman and will even open doors and pull seats for me. He sometimes sends a delivery guy with gifts to my office or dinner to my home and I find that so sweet. He doesn’t mind paying for my salon appointments and is always buying me something. I must clarify that I have a well-paying job myself so I don’t need him to do all this. I can comfortably pay for all of it myself. That doesn’t make it any less attractive though! I said no to the dinner invitation, giving excuses about working late and I suggested having lunch in a public place the next day.

During the lunch date I mentioned I was born-again and he didn’t look pleased about that. We took a drive around the town after lunch and he mentioned that I now look more mature and even more beautiful. That made me uncomfortable because I thought he just wanted us to be friends and there wouldn’t be any funny undertones. He said he loves his wife and all but he doesn’t think he was born to only have one woman but he still said he only wants us to be friends.

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Recently he suggested that we travel the world together, going to different places and hotels just to relax and have fun at least every three months. The thought of this makes me uncomfortable and I wouldn’t want to be caught in a bad situation because of it. He asked that we meet this Friday for dinner but I’ve given another excuse and rescheduled to Saturday afternoon.

Should I go for this date? Should I keep seeing him? What’s the wise thing to do in this situation?

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