The best part of motherhood by Kourtney Kardashian

Bayo Ajibola
 The best part of motherhood by Kourtney Kardashian
Tomorrow is Mother’s Day in the US and a lot of wonderful motherhood inspirations are everywhere you look.Here is what reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian has to say to Harper’s Bazaar US she discussed about having three children (two boys and a girl), designing kids’ clothes and much more.Read excerpts from her interview below.

How do you approach health and fitness post-baby?
I like to take my time and not try to put too much pressure on myself, but it’s hard. I think I forget every time— you give birth and you want your stomach to be flat again. It does take a lot of work, but I usually start slowly by going on walks with the baby. At certain times I take all three kids on a walk, and I have this stroller that they can all ride in and on. So I start slowly—but now I’m in full force. I’ve been working out with a trainer, and having somebody else to work out with really helps motivate me. Some days Khloe will join me, or I have a girlfriend I’ve been working out with—just setting that trainer session and knowing I’m not going to flake. I also try to eat really clean and at home as much as I can.


I like to take my time and not try to put too much pressure on myself, but it’s hard. I think I forget every time— you give birth and you want your stomach to be flat again.

Do you think having two boys affected your style?
When I first had Mason, I would dress him similar to how Scott dressed. But before he was born, I remember shopping for him and buying certain things for him that weren’t his personality once he was born. So I think they do kind of have their own style, and now he totally has a mind of his own. But I think my daughter actually influences my style more than having boys. I tend to dress more masculine with pants or shorts or flat boots, and she makes me want to dress more stylish, more girly. I remember playing in my mom’s closet with Kim as little girls—we had this game we played, I was Donna Karan and she was my assistant, and I was really bossy. We would always hear my mom talk about designers, and she had all this designer vintage, but it wasn’t vintage at the time—a lot of Chanel—such great clothes, shoes, jewelry. We had so much fun playing in her closet. My daughter already tries on my shoes, and she plays with my makeup. It’s fun, but it brings out the girlier side in me knowing that I’m a role model for her.

 What the greatest lesson on motherhood you’ve learned from your mom?
KK: She really has shown me a balance between being a mom and having a relationship—she had such a great relationship with my dad. I think she does it all, and she’s really showed me that. And she’s also shown me and my sisters how to celebrate life and celebrate holidays, and she takes so much pride, she’s instilled that in us.

 When Kim first became a mom, was there anything you wanted to impart to her, especially since you were already in the public eye as a mom?

KK: I really didn’t. Everyone has their boundaries and process, and I think she learned a lot by watching me go through everything first. Everyone has their own experiences, so I didn’t want to sit there and be like, “This is what you should do.” I learned from her as well. It’s such a cool process, just figuring it out for ourselves. I think we’re always teaching each other.

How do you maintain feeling comfortable with putting yourself and your family in the public eye and knowing what your boundaries are?
KK: I think it’s always changing, but what’s most important is knowing that they’re my priorities, no matter what’s happening—they always come first. As far as filming in our homes, I think just making sure that they feel comfortable enough that they can walk in any room—even if we’re filming they don’t notice. I want it to always be a comfortable household. Schedules change, so I’ll say, “Everybody has to leave by this time, so we can unwind and go to bed.” This is their home, and I’m always conscious of how they feel.

 How did having a third baby change the dynamic in your family?
KK: It just really enhanced everything—it’s such a blessing. I think the kids have been really happy, and it doesn’t seem like that much has changed, it just seems like a really wonderful addition.

 What would you say is the best part of motherhood?
KK: I don’t know. Watching your kids grow every day—watching all the little moments. I actually think my favorite part is that you relive your own childhood—going to Disneyland and watching all the movies I watched when I was a kid. I have so many of the books we read when we were little—so reading all the same books again. It’s really fun—you almost get to be a kid again and do all those magical things.

 What are your Mother’s Day plans?
KK: I don’t know yet. I’ve just asked my mom what she wants to do—if she wants to have a barbecue and just hang out. Because all of our lives are so busy, it’s nice to just relax at one of our houses and hang out by the pool and just chill. We usually like to make breakfast too. There’s this Armenian breakfast we all make together: You have to make the dough the night before, so I do that, and then Khloe and Kendall usually cook the dough in the morning, and then no moms have to do dishes. That’s the rule.



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