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“Not again! It’s weekend and I feel weakindeed, don’t feel like going out, nothing on TV seems interesting, friends are a bit irritating at this moment, blah blah blah.”  Sounds familiar right? As much as we may not outrightly admit that this sounds like any of us, most of us get to experience this feeling from time to time. In some cases, there is usually a thread-thin line between calling it boredom or depression. And truly, one easily leads to the other.

Interestingly, with all the gadgets and apps we’re surrounded with, some alien from another planet who visits us may be wondering what else on earth we might really want.  We’ve got PS4, BlackberryMessenger, Skype, name it. These are all interesting packages crafted to distract us from how boring our lives could be, I suppose. But what happens when even these do not grant us sufficient enjoyment to keep us at ease and happy? Could it be that these were even the actual reasons why our prospects of leading happy, sociable lives were cut-off in the first place?  We never can tell. But one thing we could all agree on presently is this…we are responsible for how exciting or boring our lives turn out.

With the rate of depression rising now than ever, statistics of suicide cases causing panic amongst parents, it becomes pertinent to try to understand what goes on in a person’s head when he or she is bored.  Being bored could also be a sign that one needs to change his/her environment, activity or lifestyle for a while. Doing the same thing over and over again for extended periods of time could only sap mental and creative energy.


Life can be a funny drive that demands more than just physical energy to proceed. It is not the lack of interesting activities that gets us bored, we get bored and exhausted when those activities no longer find us interesting enough to choose us to engage in them!  For you to find reading a book a lovely experience, there must be a part of you that jumps at the prospect of flipping the pages of that very book.  Same thing applies to every other activity. Learn to consciously ignite your passion and enthusiasm about engaging in those things that bring you joy.


To do this successfully, start off by dropping your blackberry or smart phone into your purse, pocket or wherever it is you normally keep it.  Our attachment to these devices initially promise us greater connection to family, friends and amusement. But somewhere along the line, you will get to discover how out of touch these could get you. When communication always have to be via smiley faces and emoticons, the natural human emotions which assure us of love and acceptance become a  negligible part of our human build. Go out there, meet people, I mean humans! Talk, run, laugh when you want to… No matter how smart your TV gets, it would never dance with you- at least not yet. And dancing is one other important way of relieving the burden of boredom.

Bayo Ajibola

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