The days of having children so they can take care of you in your old age are over, start planning your life now- Pastor warns parents

Bayo Ajibola

Popular Lagos pastor and founder of the Livingspring Chapel International church in Lagos, Femi Emmanuel, has warned parents to stop seeing their children as their social security for their old age.

According to the pastor, the days of having children hoping that they will feed and take care of you in your old age are over as some children now cannot even feed themselves.

The pastor stated this while preaching in his church recently. 

Preaching, he said

The days of using your children as social security are over. That when they grow they would now be feeding me…Ah…they have not fed themselves. Those days are over. You better labour for what you will live on till the end of your life. You better set yourself right now. You better establish an outfit. You better build your life in such a way that if any child brings anything in your old age, the child brought it to receive blessing and not because you are hungry. 

Watch a video of his saying this below

Bayo Ajibola

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