The Game shares a loving & emotional message to his first son, who turns 13-yr-old today

Bayo Ajibola

The Game just expressed his love for his first child on his 13th Birthday today, via Social Media. The rapper shared a throwback photo of them both and promised to stand with him to conquer anything that comes their way. He wrote,

“13 years ago…….. Stepped outside of the hospital to clear my head because I was so scared, excited, anxious, nervous & over joyed at the fact that the day I had been waiting for was finally here… The day I’d get to meet my 1st born child. Then my sidekick rang & it was your grandmother telling me.. “He’s coming, he’s coming…..

I remember running through the maternity ward full speed sweating down that long hallway begging God not to bring you into this world without me witnessing the gift given to me by him & your mother @aleskaj being born. It was amazing. Nothing like I ever dreamed & 10 times better feeling than my favorite moment in life which was the day your mother told me she was pregnant…… 1st your head, then Dr. Afework guiding the rest of your tiny body out into a world unknown by you…. A world that can be so fulfilling at times & all the same cruel at others…. But for you that wouldn’t matter because as your father, I swore to protect, cherish, guide, care & love you from that day until the day comes that I must part ways with the earth…. For I have been given the blessing of being your father & to me there is no better gift in all of the world…. From the time you took your 1st step, to the day you lost your 1st tooth, to the day you rode your 1st bike I have been there to walk you through life as only a father should….. There is no such thing as a day you won’t have your father to lean on son & I guarantee you no matter what life brings your way, we will be side by side to enjoy or conquer it all together…. For I am your father, & to me.. There is no better joy in the world. It was you that set me on the path of greatness & for that, I am forever indebted……. Happy Birthday @hvrlemtaylor, from your best friend – Dad #LikeFatherLikeSon”

Bayo Ajibola

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