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A house help is the person, normally a woman responsible for your child when both parents aren’t around mostly due to work and other related responsibilities. They take care of your child in all ways like cooking the meals, feeding your child, cleaning them and washing after them and any other chores around the house.

The Good Part                                                                                                                            

After the end of a maternity leave, a mother experiences some anguish and pain of leaving their young baby and going back to work. Having a capable house help makes the separation bearable for both the mother and the child. Other children and toys around the house might also help the little one get into a routine that makes them forget the missing mother until they are back from work.

When a mother is tending to obligations outside the home, a child might experience loneliness and a sense of loss but having a house help remedies that. This is the person who will be a stand-in parent for your child by taking care of all their needs to the best of their ability.

Your child will therefore benefit from attention and love which would be absent when the parents are not around forming a strong bond with the house help with some staying in touch to monitor the growth of their young charges.

A house help also allows for your childcare to be flexible enough which means you do not have to rush home after a late night with friends fearing for your child. Working late or having a late night out is also possible with capable help. Working night shifts is also possible.

Women make better house helps as they have the motherly instincts making them empathize with both the mother and the child. This makes them qualified enough to handle not only the chores around the house but also taking care of the baby to perfection.

This goes a long way eases a mother’s mind, knowing the child is in safe hands especially since the house help spends more time with the baby every single day more than the mother does.

The Downside

Finding a house help is usually marred with insecurities and obsessing about the right person for your child. Go for one who has been referred to by a close relative or friend. Make sure you know where they originate from and if possible, find out their homeplace or village in case anything untoward happens toward your child or the house help.

Age doesn’t really matter but try to look for someone with a sense of responsibility and hardworking enough which will come in handy when you need help around the house with extra chores.

Although employment agencies claim to do thorough background checks of their house helps, hiring one from there should be done cautiously and as a last resort. Make sure to perform a background check yourself just to be sure of the person who will be tending to your child.

Some house helps can have unattainable expectations and demands especially concerning the salary and chores they will be helping out with. The salary demands can be higher than what you are willing to pay which can be distressing to you especially if you think they can make the perfect help for you and your child. In this case, you have to make a compromise putting in mind that your child comes first.

With no formal registration for house help, leaving – one especially if you do not know them very well – with a small baby is an act of faith which might distress you at work all day long fearing for the safety of your child. Leaving a child with a stranger is a distressing task since you cannot call the child and check on them unless they are of talking age.

Bayo Ajibola

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