The Happy Husband Formula: 8 Things Other Than Sex That Will Truly Make Him Happy

Today’s post is obviously dedicated to wives, yes! You!

Is your marriage becoming boring? Sex is no longer doing it for you guys and you’re suddenly asking yourself, what can I do to make him happy other than sex? Is your husband having a hard time and you don’t know what you can do to make him feel better? Or you want to thank your husband for being good to you or celebrate his birthday, well worry no more, today’s post is dedicated to helping you out, providing you with 8 authentic ways to make that man happy.

We get it, keeping a marriage fresh and exciting can be challenging amidst the stress of daily life. Thankfully, there are small deeds that you can do to keep your husband happy and let him know that you love him more and more each day!

  • Take him out.

There’s this misconception that its the man that does the taking out and the paying of bills, well, its bull, your man is a person too, he want to be spoiled too, he just doesn’t say it or whine about it like women do. But I assure you men want to be spoiled by their women once in a while as much they spoil you, so take him out, to dinner, to concerts; surprise him with tickets of his favorite band or artiste. Take him to the movies, to fun parks, foot the bill. If he has been a good husband to you, then he clearly deserves it.

  • Indulge in the things he likes.

There’s no one on earth that isn’t happy to find out that they share common interest in a particular thing or person with another person. We all love it when we find a friend that shares the same taste in music, movie or hobby as us and the same goes to your husband, take an interest in the things he likes, relate more with him through it; listen to the artistes he loves, if he likes to workout, be his partner, if he loves video games, play with him, if he loves sports, watch it with him, if he loves boxing, be his sparring partner. Basically be your husband’s best friend and do everything he loves together, even if they are not your taste but because you love him, you will learn to love what he loves.

  • Go on a road trip, vacation or weekend getaway.

Take your husband away from his mundane life once in a while. Be his getaway and take him on a getaway, not just for him but for you too, it’s important that couples spend time away from home to recuperate and sustain their marriage. So plan an amazing trip and drag him, trust me, he will love it – just make sure your timing is right.

  • Buy him gifts

Men love gifts, everyone loves gifts,  your husband deserves gifts especially if he buys you presents all the time. I’m not saying you should get him gifts just because he gets some for you – what if he doesn’t, right? – the point is birthdays aren’t the only time to give your hubby a gift. Every day of your life and marriage is a gift, so you might as well wrap it up with a physical present as a symbol of your gratitude to your man and his devotion to you.

  • Stay in good shape and dress attractively

A lot of women make the ,mistake of not to trying to stay physically attractive after getting married, they pack on the weight and don’t even bother to dress beautifully like they used to, please no! No one is attracted to a lazy unkempt person and no one is proud to introduce that type of person as their spouse. Sure its advised to love your partners as they are, but as you are right now, physically, isn’t how he found you, he still loves you but physical attraction is needed for that spark, so exercise and stay fit. We get it, as you get older and have kids, you pack on weight, but you can work on it, if he is also not working on it, get him to join you, don’t become a lazy couple. Work out, dress attractively, make him astonished and stupefied whenever he sees you, staying physically beautiful is also a gift for your husband. The same goes for him as well.

  • Respect his privacy

As much as we become one through marriage, we are still all individuals, we have a right to our privacy, and being married isn’t an excuse to invade each other’s privacy. Some women get paranoid and go through their spouse’s phone, don’t be that woman, trust in your partner, even if you suspect he is cheating or whatever, let him come clean on his own or let the universe play it out. Do not cross your boundary because you could end up fostering a misunderstanding.

Too many marriages have ended on that note, don’t let yours be one. Also respecting your husband’s privacy will teach him to respect yours, being respected makes everyone happy, and your husband isn’t far off.

  • Do not be a nagging wife

In the process of trying to tell their husband where he has gone wrong, a lot of women tend to drag and insult. Instead learn to talk politely and call out your husband respectfully, he would appreciate that more, everyone appreciates an honest person and honesty definitely makes people happy, nagging doesn’t!

  • Relate with his friends

Men love it when their wives rapport with their friends, so try to relate with his friends, get on their inside jokes, become friends with them and also allow your husband to hang out with his friends. Instead of calling your husband all the time when he is out with his friends, call them instead and joke around with them a bit while trying to check on him, it’s really not that hard but it does a lot for your man.

Well, with these few things listed out, I truly hope, you make your husband one happy man.

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