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The Joys of Being a Parent

Parents are looked at as the providers of nourishment (read buying the food) and protection from physical harm. It is deemed as quite a tedious task of constantly being there for an individual who is totally dependent on you.

It can be quite tiring and sometimes you may just feel like hiding from all the drama. It is actually considered healthy to take some time off once in a while just to remind yourself of who you are and to enjoy being you the human and not the parent even just for a few hours. That said, parenting has its perks.

Unconditional love

Children love without boundaries. Even when you spank them they still come back and give you a hug. They constantly give of their love without keeping a record of the wrongs that you may have done to them (and honestly speaking, they may be more than just a couple).

They teach you how to love

As you get into the rhythm of parenthood you will realize that your child automatically comes first even without being asked to. Children can teach you how to love someone else and be so giving and selfless just by being them. Love is difficult to embrace for some people but children can easily change that.

They bring out the best in you

Parenthood is a routine that can at times be mind-numbing. You do the same things every day, day in day out. This however makes you better. You learn to be patient, you learn new skills and become better at them, you learn to control your anger, and you kick bad habits and get your act together.

After a while you realize that you are better at sticking to schedules and keeping deadlines. You literally just grow up and become more responsible simply because you chose to take care of another tiny human being.

The honor of shaping someone

This has to be said. Parents get that glow and a little puffed up ego when everyone goes like “That is such a cute baby!”. It gets even bigger when it is your child that is well mannered and courteous or they just took their first step or said their first word.

Knowing that you had a hand in your child’s milestone gives so much satisfaction because after all, it reminds you that you did something right. For most parents, that is the best gift. It reminds you that it really is the little things that make the difference

Bayo Ajibola

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