The lady I want to marry has a child and didn’t inform me.

Please keep me anonymous. I am a grown ass man with intentions to marry and settle down as quickly as possible. I have been in a relationship with this lady, with whom I hope to spend the remaining days of my life. She is lovely, beautiful, learned and has a huge sense of humor. Apart from being all these, I saw her as someone to whom I could be very free with. When I am around her, I have so much fun and I lose track of time. She makes me so happy, much more than I can explain.

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For about eight months now, we have been trying to work out something. We have been through a lot together and with every opportunity I get, I try to show her that I care and I want this to work. I told her everything I can remember about me. I told her about my past even as messy and as embarrassing as it was. She told me a few things about herself too and we agreed to make things work out well for you us.

I found out two days ago that this woman has a child aged about three years. I feel so bad because she never mentioned it to me even when I was so open and genuine with her. The funny thing is that I didn’t even find this out from her, I was just doing some background checks because I wanted to propose to her this weekend. Even as I write to you currently, She doesn’t know that I am aware and I don’t even know how best to handle this.

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I am so devasted currently and I don’t know what to do. If she could hide something as important as this from me, who knows other things she could be hiding from me. Some of my friends are telling me to forgive her and move on since I love her but I am still not comfortable with her not telling me by herself. I feel that this relationship is already built on lies. Talk to me and be honest about this.

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