The lady I want to marry is a thief

I would prefer to have my identity hidden before you post this. Thank you. I met this young lady on facebook. We have been talking for about a year now and I can say that she is a very nice person. Her views about things are encouraging and she sounds very mature whenever she speaks. The way she reacts to things amazes me and I have come to discover that we have almost the same reaction towards things. We have been keeping in touch for a very long time now and she is well mannered. Even though I am a very busy person, I still have time to talk with her and she gives me back the same energy I give her. I stay in a  location completely different from hers but that doesn’t stop us from giving each other our very best. After a long time of getting to know this lady, I decided to ask her out. I did and even though she made known her concerns about our difference in countries of residence, she agreed. 

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I was happy to date her and I assured her that the distance was never going to be a barrier. I increased my dedication toward her and I endeavored to call her frequently, more than I used to. She also reciprocated the energy, she called me frequently and also sent me messages on WhatsApp regularly. She also sent me random pictures of herself at work and also spoke extensively about her day. She shared her work challenges with me and when I could help, I always did and she loved me dearly. She loves to cook so she would always send me mouthwatering pictures of her meals and I could not help but love her the most. Sometimes, she offered to teach me how to cook and she always did. Sincerely my love for her grew and by the day, I wanted to make sure she was happy and comfortable. I sent her money frequently and to spice things up further, I sent my friend who stayed in the same location as her to deliver clothes and cakes for her. 

From time to time, I sent her flowers and she always received them with open arms. We both couldn’t wait to see each other and it was obvious in the way we spoke. We had a strong communication and I was happy with the way things were going. Deep down, I was convinced that I had found the right woman and I started making plans of going for her introduction. Last month, I was given a month’s leave. There was no better place to spend the leave if not at home so it served as a perfect opportunity to see her and possibly meet her people. I was so eager to see her, we had never met and I couldn’t wait to see the one who had made my life meaningful. I got into Nigeria and because of her job, she couldn’t come to see me in Lagos, I had to travel down to Delta where she lived and I lodged in a hotel. She came over the first day and we spent good time. When she left for work, I realized that my money was missing but I felt that I spent so much the previous day and I didn’t take note of it although I wasn’t someone to spend recklessly. 

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She left the next day and my gold wrist watch was missing. That was when I knew that something was wrong. First of all, I suspected the cleaner that came in that morning but I couldn’t place the face. I was tempted to call the hotel management and complain but I didn’t have enough evidence. To cut the long story short, it recurred and I couldn’t hide it anymore. It was all pointing towards her and even though I tried so hard not to, I confronted her. After much back and forth, she agreed she stole them. I couldn’t stand it so I asked her to leave and she did. I went back to Lagos the next day and she kept calling me but I never answered. I don’t know what to do. It is about one week now and I haven’t gotten over her. I still love and miss her but I don’t know what to do. If I continue with the relationship  that means I am dating a thief. I don’t know if I can marry her. What will I do if she steals my mom’s things? I am very confused. Do I continue or let go? I really love Her 

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