Why is kissing important in a relationship. Ever heard the saying “It’s in his kiss?” But is it really only about him? You might be surprised to know that kissing is the foundation of any romantic relationship and has been throughout the ages. It forms the climax of so many amazing love stories that have inspired writers, poets, and musicians for hundreds of years.

Kissing is an elemental expression of desire, passion, and intimacy, and yet as a relationship advances, it is common for kissing to dwindle while other forms of intimacy take its place. There’s no doubt about it though, a good old smooch is very key in a relationship. In fact, there is even a day – the International Kissing Day – in honor of kissing.

But have you ever stopped to think about why people kiss, what makes a great kiss and how important it is in your relationship?


Have you ever kissed someone and it just felt right? Was that first kiss a make or break discovery for you? This is because kissing isn’t just the act of lips meeting each other, the gesture carries a whole lot more significance. It’s been found that many men and even more women felt attracted to another person initially but the feeling of attraction ended after the first kiss.

Why do you think this is?

Nobody really knows how or why the art of locking lips came to be in the first place, maybe it was just instincts, however, lip to lip contact is thought to be a way of social bonding and romantic expression of love.

Now many scientists have determined that kissing helps you assess the characteristics of a potential mate. A kiss transmits smells, sounds, tactile signals, and tastes that actually affect how you perceive your potential partner. When you kiss someone, your body subconsciously shares information about your respective immune systems and your genetical compatibilities.

So while you might not be thinking of having children anytime soon, a bad first kiss might mean more than just nerves – it could equal a significant lack of chemistry and a sign that the relationship shouldn’t go any further.

Wild right?


Did you know that a kiss on the forehead can mean, “I’m attracted to you and I feel a deep connection with you.”

So the next time you run out of ideas on how you can show affection and love to your partner, just surprise them with a passionate kiss.


With the hustle, bustle, and stress of living in big cities like Lagos and Port Harcourt, or any other part of Nigeria for that matter, it’s easy for couples to lose touch with each other. When you dedicate time to kissing and cuddling, it can help you regroup and get back in touch with your partner in ways that will surprise you.

Why is kissing important in a relationship.IT’S GREAT FOR BONDING AND HEALTH

Here’s a fun fact: kissing helps you build up your immunity to fight illness – according to research.

What happens when you kiss?

During a heated kiss, your body releases loads of adrenaline that can reduce the feeling of pain. Add that to the pain-reducing endorphins that are also released and you’ve got yourself a good way to be rid of headaches and other minor pains.

Best of all, when you kiss regularly in a relationship, the relationship is strengthened. The oxytocin that is also released when you kiss, helps you bond with your partner which in turn spurs arousal and relaxes you naturally. It can also cause a spike in the dopamine levels in your brain which leads to feelings of desire and love.

This shows that the more a couple kisses, the longer they stay together as their stress levels stay low. Kissing, therefore, plays a great role in bonding with either a new partner or a long term partner and helps you stay healthy and happy.

Therefore, no matter how small the gesture, it still carries significance. A simple kiss on your wife’s cheek before going to work or a deep kiss as she walks through the door allows you to convey feelings that words cannot describe.

So pucker up ladies and gents! It’s good for you.


Why is kissing important in a relationship

We all know that many women are romantic creatures, so it should come as no surprise that women generally rate kissing as more important in a relationship than men. Women tend to need to invest more time in men which makes them more selective when choosing a partner, so in their case, kissing helps them to assess potential mates.

While kissing helps women to size up a potential partner, once in the relationship, it may also be a way of getting their partner to stay with them. This is why it is more important to them.

For one, those in long term relationships tend to believe that kissing is important all the time while those in short term relationships believed that it was most important before sex and less important during and after sex. This just goes to show that in committed relationships, kissing plays a big role in maintaining a close bond with your partner.


Did the two of you leave the house mad at each other in the morning? Maybe you fumed throughout the entire day but after the issue is finally resolved at the end of the day, nothing says “we’re all good” more than a good kiss.


Kissing doesn’t always have to lead to sex. It’s fun and a good chance for two of you to go crazy and explore one another. What’s even more fun about kissing is that there are no rules so you get to make your own.

So if you like to talk in between kisses, or kiss any chance you get then go for it! Your relationship would be all the stronger for it.


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