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Bayo Ajibola

The look in the doctor’s eyes got me scared to wit. I summoned the courage without much ado to ask “doctor tell me am I dying?”  Dr Abrahams moved closer to me, held my shoulder and said to me “Mrs Hasstrup, am sorry to tell you that you suffered miscarriage due to the effect of the fall, and with the look of things we have to carry out more investigations to ascertain total evacuation of the reproductive products that may remain in there”.

I looked to the doctor and back to my stomach that gave no sign I was carrying a living being in me. The tears that rolled down my cheeks felt so hot and stings like viper. I don’t know whether it is the thought of losing my first fruit that made me cry or the fact that he beat me to the point of losing my baby and even had guts to lie to them here in the hospital. Doctor Abrahams who couldn’t understand why I have to cry so much could only utter a simple “calm down madam, you ll be fine”.

As the doctor was stepping out, Tadese was coming into the ward beaming with smiles like he was the best man on earth. They both shook hands with each other and the doctor whispered “please she needs all the care”. His presence alone enveloped me with fear, as he drew closer my heartbeat increased so much I thought I would faint but something in me held me stable amidst the pain and headache I was having.

How are you feeling now? I managed to muster ‘fine’ in a low tone. So what was the doctor discussing with you? I didn’t really know if the news was meant for him or my ears alone. Well, the Doctor said… ‘Said what? He cuts in. I,…I… lost the baby. “Which baby if I may ask? Were you pregnant?” you must be kidding to think I will feel empathy for such miserable story, idiot! Tadese didn’t allow me conclude my story as he stood to leave. At the doorway, he turned and whispered “I love you”. I felt choked up with that statement so much I coughed uncontrollably, that must have probably attracted the nurses who rushed into the room to see if everything was alright. He smiled sheepishly and he walked away.

Just after his departure, I got a call from my mum. It is very urgent that you see me unfailingly my baby, are you ok? In tears I answered her “yes” are you crying? No mummy! I doubt your sincerity young lady”. And she ended the call. Tadese from the doorway from no where “In case your mum calls or your dad, you better tell them you are fine, else…”

Bayo Ajibola

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