This Woman has been Carrying her sick Husband on her back for 5 years (watch video)

Bayo Ajibola
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The story of Heba Alsayed unconditional love for her sick husband is definitely the perfect definition for marital goals.

Her husband, Khaled Alsayed suffers Kidney Failure, Hepatitis B & C, and an enlarged liver. Due to his health challenges, he finds it difficult to move, but requires dialysis three times weekly.

5 Years ago, Heba took it upon herself to carry her husband on her back and shoulders, long enough to get to where they can find a cab to the hospital.

Heba also provides all that the family needs from a meager business.

Despite sustaining injuries to her spine from carrying her husband, Heba insists on carrying her man. In her words “ I don’t carry anything heavy. I carry my husband”.

Watch the video below:

Bayo Ajibola

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