Three Important Kinds of Sex You Should Be Having

Bayo Ajibola

Having a healthy sex lives after kids can be tricky. You might be too tired from the day to want to get it on or you might not feel as sexy as you did before you had kids. Whatever the case is not being interested in sex after kids is normal. Every healthy relationship goes through its sexual ruts, but when weeks start turning into months, you have a problem. In order to have a healthy marriage, regular sex is vital. And it doesn’t have to be the wild kind you used to have when you were first dating. In marriage, here are three different types of sexy you’ll need to have in order to have a healthy marriage:

  1. Spontaneous

You most likely used to have a lot of spontaneous sex before you had kids; the kind where you would do it anywhere and everywhere. This kind of sex simply happens and a marriage should have a healthy amount of spontaneous sex to thrive. You’re attracted to your partner both emotionally and physically and sometimes the sex just happens and it’s wonderful. Many might find that it’s harder to have spontaneous sex when you have little ones, but as they get older, it’ll be easier to obtain. Just remember that spontaneous sex is fun and should be something both of you should be open to having when the time comes.


  1. Scheduled

This might be the kind of sex you might be used to now that you’ve been married for sometime and have kids. Although it may be a turnoff to some, scheduled sex is the only way some couples with busy lives get to be intimate with each other. Many couples strive to have scheduled sex once a week, but sometimes that might go over to once every two weeks and in extreme cases once a month. Make sure that you follow through with scheduled sex and don’t put it off for too long or else your healthy marriage might start to weaken.


  1. Maintenance

It’s only natural that one partner’s sexual appetite is bigger than the other and there has to be compromise from both parties, which is why maintenance sex is so important. This kind of sex is for the partner with the higher sex drive and will take much effort from the partner with the lower sex drive. However, it’s necessary and worth it in the end.

All three sex types are important for a healthy marriage, so don’t forget to make time for some loving!

Bayo Ajibola

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