Three-time divorcée who lured and raped her kidnap victims, arrested after best friend’s death

Bayo Ajibola

Hauwa Yunus, a three-time divorcée from Jigawa State who lives in Masaka, Nasarawa State has been arrested after being linked to the kidnap of several prominent Nigerians.

The suspect who earned the reputation of a notorious kidnapper has reportedly confessed to her role in the abduction of some of her boyfriends who she lured into relationships with her beauty. 

Hauwa also reportedly confessed to raping some of her victims as a result of her strong sexual appetite especially after consuming some illicit drugs.

A police source who confirmed the arrest of the 24-year-old Fulani woman, told Tribune; 

“The long arm of the law caught up with her recently in Abuja where she confessed to the police that she was in fact behind the kidnapping of her first boyfriend, who she confessed was rich and very caring. She stated further that when she realised that the man had several other girlfriends she decided to make money from him by kidnapping him.”

Recalling how her first boyfriend was kidnapped on their way out from the hotel where they spent some time together, Hauwa said; 

“Unknown to him [her boyfriend], I have planned with other members (of my gang) how he would be kidnapped. After several negotiations, he paid two million naira and I collected two hundred thousand as my share.

“Even though he did not know I planned his kidnap, when he was released he still wanted us to continue with our relationship. “

She also confessed to organizing the kidnap of her second boyfriend who was abducted after stopping by the roadside to buy some things. 

Hauwa said;

“He paid the sum of one million naira as ransom and I collected fifty thousand naira as my share.”

Her third boyfriend who was not rich like the others, paid after N500,000 for his release and it was gathered that she spent more time with him than others. 

Hauwa also disclosed that she planned the kidnap of her best friend Zainab, after she overheard her talking about getting a credit alert of N600,000.

She said; 

“I thought that the best thing to do was to kidnap her and collect the money from her. Eventually, I kidnapped her.”

Zainab did not survive the torture she was subjected to after being kidnapped as she died from the injuries she sustained. After her friend’s death, Hauwa reportedly ransacked Zainab’s room, took her ATM card and withdrew all the money in her account. She also took her friend’s car which she repainted and sold including other personal belongings.  

The female kidnapper who was arrested by operatives of the Inspector General of Police Special Squad led by Abba Kyari, is reportedly helping the police in their investigation of other kidnappings in different parts of the North.

Bayo Ajibola

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