Tips on How to Ensure Your Kids are Safe Online

Bayo Ajibola

How to keep your children safe online: The internet is a beautiful carpet that is spread all over the world. As beautiful as it, the internet is causing sleepless nights for parents. Parents are no longer sure how safe their children are online. How to teach the children internet safety is a headache for many parents.

Parents are afraid of how their children might be using the internet. Here are a few tips that you might want to use to ensure your child is safe online.

Be your child’s go-to friend

As a parent, your first goal should be making your child your best friend. Trust is earned! Make sure your child feels at ease opening up to you. Make them know that you might not know everything, but together you can always come up with the best solutions. This tight bond comes in handy in dealing with internet safety issues. How? Once the child notices something unusual on the web, they will always rush to you for advice.

You can’t afford to be in the dark

We are past the era when parents demonized the internet with knowing exactly what happens there. Dear parent, this is the 21st you can’t afford to sit all comfortable not caring to know what happens in the cyber world. Information is power! Get into the cyber world, gather all the information you can and with that, you will be well armed to feed your child’s internet curiosity.

Privacy Protection

It’s never too early to teach your child how to embrace and treasure their privacy. With the internet, learning the art of coming up with passwords that cannot be easily cracked is paramount. Also, teaching your child not to share personal information is paramount. Make your child understand that sharing their passwords, photos, and school, etc. Could lead to a breach of their safety.

Only do what you can do face to face

Our children need to understand as much as they feel protected by the distance, they should never do things they cannot do face to face. For instance, if you cannot meet a stranger on the road and start telling them all about you then you can’t do it online!

The internet never forgets

The internet knows no amnesia. It never forgets any tiny little thing you post. As parents, we must make our children understand that they should always be careful what they post. It might come haunting them in future.

With everything said, the internet is a fantastic resource if used in the right manner. It’s a place where your child learn almost everything both good and bad. It’s your duty to make sure your child is well informed. As a precaution, most parents are tempted to spy what our children do on the internet. Making your internet service provider a buddy can make your life easier. Some ISPs have free parental controls that can help limit a child’s access to a website. Also, laying down some house rules will be ideal. The child should have a maximum amount of time they can spend online.


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