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Teenage is a very crucial part of your child’s development. This is the one stage wherein the child goes through a lot of ups and downs and understands life better. He/she might also need to make some very important, crucial and life changing decisions during this phase. In fact during this developmental stage it is said that the children love freedom. But with freedom they need to utilise it well also. Moreover, they need to differentiate right from wrong and act accordingly. On top of that, your child may face a problem at home by your protectiveness which might become a big problem for the child. Thus, here are some tips which would help you in dealing with your child easily when he/she goes through the teenage phase.

  • Give your child the needed independence. What can be done is, you can sit together with your child and decide a time limit till which he/she can stay out of home at night, or occasions on which it is mandatory that he/she stays and home and does not venture out with friends, or even decide the number of outings they can have a year and discuss about their monthly allowances. In this way the child is under strict vigilance in terms of his/her actions but also is given independence to live life. In fact it also makes him/her more balanced due to the fact that there is knowledge of a tight budget and limitations within which one has to operate.
  • It is important to once in while keep a tab on the people your child befriends or meets. Since it is not possible to actually go out and meet every single one of them, you can always suggest having a small get together at home for a certain occasion, sleepovers, or even celebrate your child’s birthday by inviting those friends. This would also give you a chance to understand the people your child befriends and spends most of the time during the day.
  • During teenage a lot of risks are involved in terms of becoming too close to one’s friends and physical risks are always involved. It is required that the parents especially the mother sits and confronts her child and discuss openly the problems arising due to sex and physical intimacy. This might also include health related risks like AIDS and pregnancy.
  • Responsibilities must be given to your child to ,make him/her understand that ie is not just about having fun but also involves taking up real challenges and work. It is true that you as parents would not be with your child forever. Thus you need to make them prepared for their future during their teenage phase only.
  • You as parents are the ones the child looks up to for advice and suggestions. Thus you need too acct as role models and narrate your experiences to guide your child in the right path.

These are some of the suggestions that can be generally given to all parents who have teenage children. Though no matter the age a child is always a baby for their parent’s this fact must not be too evident when dealing with teens.



Bayo Ajibola

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