Tips on Raising Your Daughter as a Single Dad

Bayo Ajibola

Contrary to popular misconception, single dads are perfectly able to raise their daughters on their own. Raising a daughter as a single dad is only more challenging but achievable nonetheless. With the right mentality and support system, single dads are able to develop a strong father-daughter bond which cements their relationship for life. Despite the struggles and challenges, being a single dad raising a daughter is admirable.

Here are a few tips to help you find your footing as a single dad to your daughter.

  1. Find a female mentor for your daughter – Every young girl needs a woman they can look up to as a role model. Having a family member or a friend that fits these shoes gives your daughter someone to reach out to when you are not available or do not understand her whims. The role model has to be of an outstanding character in order for your daughter to pick the best values from her.
  2. Teach your daughter how to be independent – Being a single parent, you get used to your child being reliant on you. While the feeling is gratifying, there comes a time when your child needs to step out of your cocoon and be independent. The transition is easy if you teach them independence from an early age. That way, she grows up knowing there will be a time when she will totally responsible for herself.
  3. Don’t be overly protective – Dad’s are protective of their daughters. Single dads tend to be overly protective. Allow your daughter to make a few mistakes. Let her fail at something one in a while. That way, they will be more keen on your counsel and seek your guidance in major aspects of your life. But if you are constantly all up in their business, it comes off as nagging, intrusive and will be received with a lot of resistance.
  4. Guide her on relationships and dating – Your daughter will not always remain your little girl As she grows, she will begin to understand relationships and will probably get into a few of those. As a dad, the best you can do is being an example of a perfect gentleman. Teach your daughter to accept and love herself as she is. Teach her what a good man is like and how she should expect to be treated. Teach her to love herself first and not entertain mediocre relationships in an effort to feel accepted. Teach her it is okay to be single and that she should not be pressured into a relationship. All these lessons will go a long way in guiding her dating choices.


Being a single dad to a daughter is a unique journey which forms a lasting father-daughter relationship. Motivate yourself to be an outstanding dad and prepare yourself for challenges especially during her teen years. With the right attitude and support, it is definitely doable. Find inspiration from other dads raising daughters on their own and strive to enjoy every moment with your daughter.

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