Tips for Single Moms Raising Boys

Bayo Ajibola

Tips for Single Moms Raising Boys

A single mother raising a boy faces a few challenges along the way. Motherhood comes naturally but not knowing how it is being male brings its share of challenges in raising a boy. Despite the challenges, the experience is worthwhile when they turn out right after all.

Here are a few things single mothers should know raising boys:

  1. It is okay to talk to him about his father

A single mother ought to speak to her son positively about his father. Regardless of what led to their separation, by speaking positively about their son’s father, they reassure their son of their fathers’ role in their lives. This also helps the child to fit in when associating with his peers who are raised by both parents. He feels he knows his father even in his absence.

  1. It is important to have male role models around your son

As a single mum, you do not know what being a boy is like. Sometimes you just will not understand what your son is going through. Having male figures in your life, either close friends or relatives gives your son an opportunity to relate to someone who understands what they may be going through.  These role models can also be a point of reference for your son on how to be a boy and a man.

  1. It is wise to teach your son how to relate with other women

Every single other wants to guard her child closely and be overly protective. In most cases, it can affect how he relates to other women, especially in his adolescent and adult life. No woman wants to date a mama’s boy hence it is important to teach your son how to relate with other women besides you. Teach him how to be a gentleman and how to deal with women without prompting conflict or resentment towards you.

  1. Allow your son to be a boy and child

Being a single mother of a son can lead most mothers to train their boys how to be men at an early age. Putting such a responsibility on a son robs him of his childhood. Let your son play in the mud, be mischievous, run around with other boys causing healthy mayhem and be involved in all boy stuff he needs. By giving him an opportunity to a healthy childhood, when he grows up he is ready to be the man of the house.

  1. Let go of your son when they grow

As a single mum, you are used to having your son all to yourself. But as he grows, he finds new interests, friends and possibly a girlfriend he would rather spend the whole day with. It is important to allow him to grow and experience all these other relations in his life. Being overly protective and intrusive can damage your mother-son relationship built for so many years. Learn to let him grow, make merry, mistakes and always be by his side but from a safe distance.


Every mother’s dream is raising their child right, seeing them grow from babies to able adults. As a single mother raising a boy, not knowing how to be a boy can cause one to be insecure about their abilities as a parent. You do not have to do it alone. Involve male figures in your life and seek their opinion when you feel beaten. In the end, you will be proud of what a fine man your son turns out to be.

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