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Tips to Look Good During Pregnancy

Just because you are pregnant, that certainly does not mean that you would not be able to dress up nicely.  The signs and symptoms of pregnancy include mood swings regarding fashion and clothes as well. However, keeping fashion shows aside, there are simple maternity clothes, which if paired with proper accessories and make up will make you look good. During pregnancy you tend to start glowing and look fresh.  You should try and take the advantage of this and dress up in simple yet elegant ways that would make you stand out and look good. Some tips to look good during these short nine months of pregnancy are:

  • Stand in front of the mirror and see how you look. Every pregnant lady does not have the same figure. Try to gauge your figure and then dress according to that.
  • Undergarments are the most important. You need to make sure that your lingerie’s are your size and should not stick to your skin. They should be soft and comfortable. Sometimes it may even be recommended that you wear two or three sizes more than your actual size just so that you can breathe under these garments.
  • You must acknowledge the fact that these clothes are only required for a period of nine months. Thus not too many clothes should be purchased as that might lead to ultimate waste of money . Hence, you should invest on your clothes sensitively and know what you are buying and how long would they be worn by you.
  • The best clothes that you can wear at this time are lose jeans, trousers and long skirts. These clothes are found in many size and shapes. They have different prints on their body as well so you do have a huge collection to choose from.
  • You must opt for block colours. Single monochromes like black, brown, beige, grey and white look the best .But then it also depends whether you would be successful in carrying off patterned dresses. If you can carry them off, then they should be bought and worn.
  • Maxi dresses come in vibrant colours of red, yellow, pink, white, green and blue with floral and other prints. They have been in fashion for pregnant ladies for generations and one should be bought by you as well.
  • Hair and make –up are complementing factors to your dresses. Make –up should be minimal and be left to the natural glows on your face and your smile. Hair can be tied into a pony –tail, pleats, bun or let down.
  • Shoes should be flat or with little wedges. Heels should be avoided during this time as it puts a lot of pressure on the feet.
  • Accessorise by wearing trinkets, wristlets, rings, ear-rings and small chains that accentuate your looks.

These are some of the best tips according to which you can dress yourself up and gain the envious attention of the people around you.

Bayo Ajibola

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